The 1998 NFL Draft

Peyton Manning, QB, Tennessee

1998-2011 Indianapolis Colts; 2012-2015 Denver Broncos
Passing: 71,940 yards, 539 TDs
All-Pro: 7
All-Conference: 7
Pro Bowls: 13 (2000-01, 2003-11, 2013-15)
AP NFL Most Valuable Player (2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013)
Super Bowl XLI MVP
2005 Pro Bowl MVP


The 1998 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning qb, Tennessee
2 San Diego Chargers1 Ryan Leaf qb, Washington State
3 Arizona Cardinals2 Andre Wadsworth DE, Florida State
4 Oakland Raiders Charles Woodson db, Michigan
5 Chicago Bears Curtis Enis rB, Penn State
6 St. Louis Rams Grant Wistrom de, Nebraska
7 New Orleans Saints Kyle Turley T, San Diego State
8 Dallas Cowboys Greg Ellis DE, North Carolina
9 Jacksonville Jaguars3 Fred Taylor rb, Florida
10 Baltimore Ravens Duane Starks db, Miami (FL)
11 Philadelphia Eagles Tra Thomas t, Florida State
12 Atlanta Falcons Keith Brooking lb, Georgia Tech
13 Cincinnati Bengals Takeo Spikes lb, Auburn
14 Carolina Panthers Jason Peter dt, Nebraska
15 Seattle Seahawks Anthony Simmons lb, Clemson
16 Tennessee Oilers Kevin Dyson wr, Utah
17 Cincinnati Bengals4 Brian Simmons lb, North Carolina
18 New England Patriots5 Robert Edwards rb, Georgia
19 Green Bay Packers6 Vonnie Holliday dt, North Carolina
20 Detroit Lions Terry Fair db, Tennessee
21 Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss wr, Marshall
22 New England Patriots Tebucky Jones db, Syracuse
23 Oakland Raiders7 Mo Collins t, Florida
24 New York Giants Shaun Williams db, UCLA
25 Jacksonville Jaguars Donovin Darius db, Syracuse
26 Pittsburgh Steelers Alan Faneca g, Louisiana State
27 Kansas City Chiefs Victor Riley t, Auburn
28 San Francisco 49ers R.W. McQuarters db, Oklahoma State
29 Miami Dolphins8 John Avery rb, Mississippi
30 Denver Broncos Marcus Nash wr, Tennessee
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the Arizona Cardinals
    2 - Pick acquired from the San Diego Chargers
    3 - Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills
    4 - Pick acquired from the Washington Redskins
    5 - Pick acquired from the New York Jets
    6 - Pick acquired from the Miami Dolphins
    7 - Pick acquired from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    8 - Pick acquired from the Green bay Packers