Free Game Friday - Super XLIX

Every Friday throughout the NFL 2016 Season, the National Football League will broadcast three classic games from each of the 32 teams on YouTube. Voted on by you, the fans, you’ll get a chance to relive some of the classical moments in NFL football history.
In additions to the broadcast, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will provide historical content that will enhance the viewers experience.



SB-XLIX-1Play by Play

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Flip Card

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Game Program


SB-XLIX-3Records Broken

Most passes, career: 247, Tom Brady (extended own record)
Most completions, career: 164, Tom Brady (extended own record)
Most completions, game: 37, Tom Brady
Most completions, game, team: 37, New England
Most passing yards, career: 1605, Tom Brady (extended own record)
Most touchdown passes, career: 13, Tom Brady
Longest punt: 64 yards, Ryan Allen
Largest second-half deficit overcome to win game, team: 10, New England
Most players, touchdown receptions, game, team: 4, New England
Most first downs passing, game, team: 21, New England
Fewest kickoff return yards, game, team: 0, Seattle
Fewest kickoff returns, game, both teams: 3, New England, Seattle
Fewest kickoff return yards, game, both teams: 49, New England.vs Seattle

Hall of Famers in Game

No Hall of Famers played in this game

SB-XLIX-4Full Super Bowl XLIX Game

Artifacts in HOF archives