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Hall of Fame Gallery


Perhaps the most emotional stop during a tour of the Hall is the Hall of Fame Gallery that houses the bronze bust of each of the Hall of Famers currently 326 on display (will be 354 bronze busts in August 2021 with the latest Classes of 2020 and 2021). Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about each member of the Hall through touch screen kiosks that include bios, photos, and videos on the inductees.

Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery


The Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery chronicles, in dramatic fashion, the exciting history of the game from Super Bowl I to present. The gallery uses one-of-a-kind artifacts, exciting game footage and interactive kiosks to help tell the story of how the Super Bowl has become a global phenomena.

The Lombardi Trophy for Super Bowl LV is now on display.

Other Prominent Exhibits in the Super Bowl Gallery:

  • Super Bowl Championship Rings from 54 title game winners
  • Super Bowl Theater - now features the 2019 season capped by Super Bowl LIV showcasing the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over the San Francisco 49ers

"A Game For Life"  Theater


After the Hall of Fame Gallery, guests proceed to the new holographic theater “A Game for Life.” This extraordinary cutting edge, multi-sensory immersive theater features holographic representations of Hall of Fame legends Joe Namath, George Halas and Vince Lombardi. The experience provides great inspiration to fans by showing them how the game of football also teaches lessons about life. The stories of numerous Hall of Famers, including Jim Kelly, Steve Largent, Alan Page, Jim Brown, Warren Moon and Curtis Martin, are shared.

Pro Football Today Gallery


The “Pro Football Today Gallery” examines contemporary themes in the NFL. This area is filled with mementos from recent history-making performances including many milestone moments from the current NFL season. Artifacts are continuously placed on display as they added to the Hall’s extensive collection.

Hall of Famer Lockers - Class of 2020


Located in the Interactive Area, we highlight artifacts received from the most recent elected class for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Items from the entire Class of 2020 are currently on display.

The NFL's First Century Gallery


The visitor experience explodes with a visually dynamic and interactive two-level exhibit area in the Hall of Fame’s original rotunda.

The exhibits on the first level present a panoramic view using high-tech interactives and one-of-a-kind artifacts to tell the story of professional football, from its humble beginnings in the early 20th century to the worldwide phenomenon it has become today.

The second floor of “The NFL’s First Century” features historical information regarding professional football in several dramatic themes. Inspirational stories of the game’s pioneers, great players, coaches, and circumstances are told in vivid detail. Pro football’s societal impact is also documented in “Road to Equality” and “Pop Culture.” Bringing these themes to life are audio and video interactives.

Black College Football Hall of Fame and Interactive Area


As the BCFHOF has now found a permanent home in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, included within the partnership is the Black College Football Hall of Fame Gallery.

In 2019 at the first inaugural BCFHOF Classic, Alabama A&M President Andrew Hugine Jr., Morehouse College President David Thomas, BCFHOF Co-Founder James Harris and long-time Hall of Fame Executive Joe Horrigan officially opened the exhibit with a commemorative ribbon cutting ceremony. 


The interactive area includes many exciting hands on experiences including a Madden EA Sports video game suite.

Current exhibits in this area also feature artifacts from the Black College Football Hall of Fame, the United States Football League and the history of NFL Sunday Night Football.


Guided Museum Tours


Enhance your experience with a VIP behind-the-scenes Tour or Insiders Tour. Explore our exhibits or archives with our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff. Whether you are a first-time visitor or long-time member, you will gain a new perspective on the history of the Game and context for the diversity of our collection and exhibits.

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The History Behind the Term "Gridiron"


Attempting to “open up” the game and reduce its “brutality,” football rules were modified in 1906 to allow the forward pass. The new rule stipulated, however, that a forward pass could not cross the line of scrimmage within five yards of either side of the center. This was consistent with a 1903 rule stating that the first player to receive the ball from center also could not cross the line of scrimmage within that same space. If the ball carrier was the recipient of a handoff, lateral or backward pass, he could cross the line at any point. To assist game officials, the field was marked off in five-yard by five-yard grid. Historians believe that the term “gridiron” was a result.