"I Get a Kick Out of the Game"

"I Get a Kick Out of the Game"

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With Adam Vinatieri 10 points away from setting the all-time scoring record this Sunday when the Colts host the Bills, TODAY the PFHOF kicks off an exclusive five part series, "I Get a Kick Out of the Game," the in depth history and evolution of field goal kickers. Today we begin the series with PFHOF Chief Archivist and Historian Jon Kendle’s blog on the evolution of the goal posts and gives his interview on his opinion on the most important factors for a field goal kicker to be at the elite level.



Wednesday, we will give you our list of the top 10 greatest field goal kickers ever, Jon Kendle gives his top group and we'll invite you to vote in our top ten poll.
Thursday, the story of why field goal kickers have dramatically gotten better, with their success rate in the low to mid 80 percentile. We will hear from Gold Jackets Bill Polian, Jan Stenerud and from Adam Vinatieri himself.
Friday, PFHOF Curator Jason Aikens pulls the curtain back on the amazing collection of everything from Lou Groza’s shoes to kicking tees.
And on Saturday, a look back at Adam Vinatieri’s amazing career as he is on the edge of record breaking greatness.
This sets you up to follow Adam’s record breaking day on Sunday with exclusive HOF Coverage on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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