The Inspiration Project

About The Inspiration Project

Of the 330 million who have played the game of football in either high school, college and the NFL, only 326 are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

For the last 55 years, each living Hall of Famer gives a speech on the evening of their final induction into the hallowed halls in Canton. Hall of Famers never talk about their play on the field or their Super Bowl victories.

Instead, they rivet America with their stories on “inspiration” from the values of the game. Whether it is respect, teamwork, determination or motivation, their stories have such a depth of years of using inspiration to reach this top of Mount Olympus of football achievement, that these speeches have impacted and influenced the thousands coming up through the football ranks to be inspired.

Now from the exclusive archives of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a project to inspire not only the next generation of football players, but the next generation of Americans.

“The Inspiration Project” will offer every coach, every teacher, every preacher, every First Responder, along with all of our military services - a series of videos at no charge, guaranteed to inspire you for your game for life.

We believe you are the direct line to the future of the game and our country.


The Inspiration Project - Individual Videos

Part 1 - Overview of Inspiration Project

Part 2 - Jerome Bettis on Achieving Greatness

Part 3 - The Power of Love

Part 4 - Terrell Davis on Being Tested in Life

Part 5 - Always Commit, Never Quit

Part 6 - Curtis Martin on Overcoming Adversity

Part 7 - Never Quit, Back Down or Give Up

Part 8 - Jerry Rice Driven by Fear

Part 9 - Listen to Your Heart Not Your Haters

Part 10 - Glory for the Team, Not Me

Part 11 - Put the Team First

Part 12 - Perspective On Life

Part 13 - Lead Your Team Then The Country

Part 14 - Respect The Game

Part 15 - Learning The Three D's


The Inspiration Project - Playlist

Full Playlist (all videos will play consecutively)