1995 National Football League Draft

General Published on : 1/1/2005

April 22-23, 1995

Round. Last Name, First Name, Position, College, Selected Overall

Note: The expansion Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars each received two picks per round.

Aizona Cardinals
1. Choice to NYJ
2. Sanders, Frank, WR, Auburn, 47
3. Case, Stoney, QB, New Mexico, 80
4. Choice to Buf
5. Davis, Cedric, DB, Tennessee State, 150
Scott, Lance, C, Utah, 165
Paul, Tito, DB, Ohio State, 167
6. Choice to Det
Bridges, Anthony, DB, North Texas, 205
7. Williams, Billy, WR, Tennessee [from Was] 212
Leasy, Wesley, LB, Mississippi State, 224
Eaton, Chad, DT, Washington State, 241

Atlanta Falcons
1. Choice to SF thru Cle
Bush, Devin, DB, Florida State [from Cle] 26
2. Davis, Ronald, DB, Tennessee [from TB thru Dal] 41
Choice to Dal
3. Styles, Lorenzo, LB, Ohio State, 77
4. Choice to Dal
5. Preston, Roell, WR, Mississippi, 145
6. Hall, Travis, DT, Brigham Young, 181
7. Choice to Den
Burrough, John, DE, Wyoming, 245

Buffalo Bills
1. Brown, Ruben, G, Pittsburgh, 14
2. Collins, Todd, QB, Michigan, 45
3. Kerner, Marlon, DB, Ohio State, 76
Covington, Damien, LB, North Carolina State, 96
4. Irvin, Ken, DB, Memphis State, 109
Armour, Justin, WR, Stanford [from Ariz] 113
Cline, Tony, TE, Stanford, 131
5. Holecek, John, LB, Illinois, 144
6. Clavelle, Shannon, DE, Colorado, 185
7. Nutten, Tom, C, Western Michigan, 221
Holmes, Darick, RB, Portland State, 244

Carolina Panthers
1. Choice to Cin
Collins, Kerry, QB, Penn State [from Cin] 5
Poole, Tyrone, DB, Fort Valley State [from GB] 22
Brockermeyer, Blake, T, Texas [from SD] 29
Choice to GB
2. Choice to SD
King, Shawn, DE, Northeast Louisiana [from Cin] 36
Forfeited choice
3. Choice to GB
Choice to SD
4. Choice to SD
Garcia, Frank, C, Washington, 132
5. Senters, Michael, DB, Northwestern, 135
Peterson, Andrew, T, Washington, 171
6. Choice to GB
Strahan, Steve, DT, Baylor [from GB] 188
Colquitt, Jerry, QB, Tennessee [from KC] 191
Forfeited choice
7. Cota, Chad, DB, Oregon, 209
Reed, Michael, DB, Boston College, 249

Carolina Panthers(Expansion)
Smith, Rod, CB, Notre Dame [from NE]
Boatswain, Harry, T, New Haven [from SF]
Haws, Kurt, TE, Utah [from Was]
Rodgers, Tyrone, DE. Washington [from Sea]
Thomas, Mark, DE, North Carolina State [from SF]
McKyer. Tim, CB, Texas-Arlington [from Pit]
Whitley, Curtis, C, Clemson [from SD]
Griffith, Howard, RB, Illinois [from LARm]
Kragen, Greg, NT, Utah State [from KC]
Brabham, Cary, DB, Southern Methodist [from LARd]
Garnett, Dave, LB, Stanford [from Min]
Powell, Andre, LB, Penn State [from NYG]
Brewer, Dewell, RB, Oklahoma [from Ind]
Christian, Bob, RB, Northwestern [from ChiB]
Foggie, Fred, DB, Minnesota [from Pit]
•Carrier, Mark, WR, Nicholls State [from Cle]
Rodenhauser, Mark, C, Illinois State [from Det]
Hawkins, Steve, WR, Western Michigan [from NE]
O'Neal, Brian, RB, Penn State [from Phi]
Lassic, Derrick, RB, Alabama [from Dal]
Buchanan, Richard, WR, Northwestern [from LARm]
Pederson, Doug, QB, N.E. Louisiana [from Mia]
Marrow, Vince, TE, Toledo [from Buf]
Ryans, Larry, WR, Clemson [from Det]
Rollins, Baron, G, Louisiana Tech [from NO]
Sims, Williams, LB, Southwestern Louisiana [from Min]
Butcher, Paul, LB, Wayne State [from Ind]
Trudeau, Jack, QB, Illinois [from NYJ]
Swann, Charles, WR, Indiana State [from Den]
Mims, David, WR, Baylor [from Atl]
Price, Shawn, DE, Pacific [from TB]
Quliford, Eric, WR, Aruona State [from Min]
Goldberg, Bill, DT, Georgia [from Atl]
'Ball, Eric, RB, UCLA [from Cin]
Teeter, Mike, DT, Michigan [from Hou]

Chicago Bears
1. Salaam, Rashaan, RB, Colorado, 21
2. Riley, Patrick, DE, Miami, 52
Sauerbrun, Todd, P, West Virginia [from Mia] 56
3. Harris, Sean, LB, Arizona, 83
Pilgrim, Evan, G, Brigham Young [from Mia] 87
4. Jackson, Jack, WR, Florida, 116
5. Choice to Pit
6. Gales, Kenny, DB, Wisconsin, 193
Reeves, Carl, DE, North Carolina State [from Dal] 198
7. Cox, Jamal, LB, Georgia Tech, 229

Cincinnati Bengals
1. Carter, Ki-Jana, RB, Penn State [from Car] 1
Choice to Car
2. Choice to Car
3. Tuten, Melvin, T, Syracuse, 69
4. Shade, Sam, DB, Alabama, 102
5. Dunn, David, WR, Fresno State, 139
6. Grigson, Ryan, T, Purdue, 175
7. Walsh, John, QB, Brigham Young, 213

Cleveland Browns
1. Choice to Atl
Powell, Craig, LB, Ohio State [from SF] 30
2. Choice to Phi
3. Zeier, Eric, QB, Georgia [from GB] 84
Choice to GB
Frederick, Mike, DE, Virginia [from SF] 94
4. Choice to Jac
5. Pupua, Tau, DT, Weber State [from Jac] 136
Miller, Mike, WR, Notre Dame [from Phi] 147
Choice to GB
6. Choice to SD
7. Tellison, A.C., WR, Miami [from NE] 231
Choice to NE

Dallas Cowboys
1. Choice to TB
2. Williams, Sherman, RB, Alabama [from Atl] 46
Watkins, Kendell, TE, Mississippi State, 59
Hannah, Shane, G, Michigan State [from Phi thru TB] 63
3. Williams, Charlie, DB, Bowling Green, 92
4. Bjornson, Eric, WR, Washington [from Atl] 110
Choice to Den thru StL
Brice, Alundis, DB, Mississippi, 129
Harden, Linc, LB, Oklahoma State, 130
5. Choice exercised in 1994 Supplemental Draft
Hervey, Edward, WR, Southern California, 166
Howard, Dana, LB, Illinois, 168
6. Choice to ChiB
7. Sturgis, Oscar, DE, North Carolina, 236

Denver Broncos
1. Choice to Min thru Atl
2. Choice to Min
3. Choice to Phi
4. Choice to Min
Brown, Jamie, T, Florida A&M [from Min] 121
Brown, Ken, LB, Virginia Tech [from Dal thru StL] 124
5. Yeboah-Kodie, Phil, LB, Penn State, 146
6. Fequiere, Fritz, G, Iowa, 182
Davis, Terrell, RB, Georgia [from Min] 196
7. Russ, Steve, LB, Air Force, 218
Chamberlain, Byron, WR, Wayne State (NE) [from Atl] 222

Detroit Lions
1. Elliss, Luther, DT, Utah, 20
2. Choice to SD
3. Sloan, David, TE, New Mexico [from StL] 70
Choice to StL
4. Choice to StL
5. Boyd, Stephen, LB, Boston College [from Sea] 141
McCorvey, Kez, WR, Florida State, 156
Cherry, Ronald, T, McNeese State [from SF] 163
6. Hickman, Kevin, TE, Navy [from Ariz] 186
Schlesinger, Cory, RB, Nebraska, 192
7. Hempstead, Hessley, G, Kansas, 228

Green Bay Packers
1. Choice to Car
Newsome, Craig, DB, Arizona State [from Car] 32
2. Choice to Mia
3. Holland, Darius, DT, Colorado [from Car] 65
Henderson, William, RB, North Carolina [from Jac] 66
Williams, Brian, LB, Southern California [from Sea] 73
Choice to Cle
Freeman, Antonio, WR, Virginia Tech [from Cle] 90
4. Miller, Jeff, T, Mississippi, 117
5. Choice to Was thru Oak
Barker, Jay, QB, Alabama [from Cle] 160
Jervey, Travis, RB, Citadel [from Jac] 170
6. Simmons, Charlie, WR, Georgia Tech [from Car] 173
Choice to Car
7. Timmerman, Adam, G, South Dakota State, 230

Houston Oilers
1. McNair, Steve, QB, Alcorn State, 3
2. Cook, Anthony, DT, South Carolina State, 35
3. Sanders, Chris, WR, Ohio State, 67
Thomas, Rodney, RB, Texas A&M [from Min] 89
Hunter, Torey, DB, Washington State, 95
4. Roan, Michael, TE, Wisconsin, 101
5. Choice to Was
Walker, Gary, DE, Auburn [from NE] 159
6. El-Mashtoub, Hicham, C, Arizona, 174
7. Richardson, C.J., DB, Miami, 211

Indianapolis Colts
1. Johnson, Ellis, DT, Florida, 15
2. Dilger, Ken, TE, Illinois, 48
3. Crockett, Zack, RB, Florida State, 79
4. McElroy, Ray, DB, Eastern Illinois, 114
5. West, Derek, T, Colorado, 149
6. Gelzheiser, Brian, LB, Penn State, 187
7. Cox, Jessie, LB, Texas Southern, 223

Jacksonville Jaguars
1. Boselli, Tony, T, Southern California, 2
Stewart, James, RB, Tennessee [from KC] 19
Choice to KC
2. Choice to NYJ
DeMarco, Brian, T, Michigan State [from NYJ] 40
Schwartz, Bryan, LB, Augustana (SD), 64
3. Choice to GB
Hudson, Chris, DB, Colorado [from NYJ] 71
Choice to KC
4. Johnson, Rob, QB, Southern California, 99
Thompson, Mike, DT, Wisconsin [from Cle] 123
Choice to KC
5. Choice to Cle
Christopherson, Ryan, RB, Wyoming [from Phi] 169
Choice to GB
6. Price, Marcus, T, Louisiana State, 172
Choice to Phi
7. Choice to Phi
Marsh, Curtis, WR, Utah [from Phi] 219
Choice to Phi

Jacksonville Jaquars (Expansion)
Beuerlein, Steve, QB, Notre Dame [from Ariz]
Raymond, Corey, CB, Louisiana State [from NYG]
Novak, Jeff, T, Southwest Texas State [from Mia]
Duff, John, DE, New Mexico [from LARd]
Goganious, Keith, LB, Penn State [from Buf]
Williams, Mark, LB, Ohio State [from GB]
Jackson, Al, CB, Georgia [from Phi]
Tucker, Mark, C-G, Southern California [from Ariz]
Frase, Paul, OT, Syracuse [from NYJ]
Myslinski, Tom, G, Tennessee [from ChiB]
Jackson, Willie. WR, Florida [from Dal]
Henderson, Othello, DB, UCLA [from NO]
Stephens, Santo, LB, Temple [from Cin]
Carrington, Darren, S, Northern Arizona [from SD]
Davis, Michael, CB, Cincinnati [from Hou]
Thomas, Dave, C8, Tennessee [from Dal]
Royster, Mazio, RB, USC [from TB]
Maston, Le'Shai, RB, Baylor [from Hou]
Davenport, Charles, WR, North Carolina State, [from Pit]
Grow, Monty, S, Florida [from KC]
Wilson, Marcus, RB, Virginia [from GB]
Boyer, Brant, LB, Arizona [from Mia]
Colon, Harry, S, Missouri [from Det]
Brown, Derek, TE, Notre Dame [from NYG]
Williams, James, LB, Mississippi State [from NO]
Chung, Eugene, G, Virginia Tech [from NE]
Cobb, Reggie, RB, Tennessee [from GB]
Howard, Desmond, WR, Michigan [from Was]
Martin, Kelvin, WR, Boston College [from Sea]
Tillman, Cedric, WR, Alcorn State [from Den]
Green, Rogerick, CB, Kansas State [from TB]

Kansas City Chiefs
1. Choice to Jac
Jenkins, Trezelle, T, Michigan [from Jac] 31
2. Choice to Phi
3. Vanover, Tamarick, WR, Florida State, 81
Dumas, Troy, LB, Nebraska [from Jac] 97
4. Choice to Phi thru SF and Cle
Stenstrom, Steve, QB, Stanford [from Jac] 134
5. Pelton, Mike, DT, Auburn, 155
Willard, Jerrott, LB, California, 164
6. Choice to Car
Proby, Bryan, DT, Arizona State, 202
Barndt, Tom, C, Pittsburgh, 207
7. Choice to TB

Miami Dolphins
1. Milner, Billy, T, Houston, 25
2. Greene, Andrew, G, Indiana [from GB] 53
Choice to ChiB
3. Choice to ChiB
4. Mitchell, Pete, TE, Boston College, 122
5. Hand, Norman, DT, Mississippi, 158
6. Kopp, Jeff, LB, Southern California, 194
7. Swinson, Corey, DT, Hampton, 233
Myers, Shannon, WR, Lenoir-Rhyne, 246

Minnesota Vikings
1. Alexander, Derrick, DE, Florida State [from Den thru Atl] 11
Stringer, Korey, T, Ohio State, 24
2. Thomas, Orlando, DB, Southwestern Louisiana [from Den] 42
Fuller, Corey, DB, Florida State, 55
3. Choice to Hou
4. May, Chad, QB, Kansas State [from Den] 111
Choice to Den
5. Stewart, James, RB, Miami, 157
6. Solomon, John, LB, Sam Houston State [from NYG] 189
Choice to Den
7. White, Jose, LB, Howard, 232
Fisk, Jason, DT, Stanford, 243

New England Patriots
1. Law, Ty, DB, Michigan, 23
2. Johnson, Ted, LB, Colorado, 57
3. Martin, Curtis, RB, Pittsburgh [from Phi] 74
Hitchcock, Jimmy, DB, North Carolina, 88
4. Wohlabaugh, Dave, C, Syracuse [from Phi thru KC] 112
Choice to Pit
5. Choice to Hou
6. Philyaw, Dino, RB, Oregon, 195
7. Choice to Cle
Yancy, Carlos, DB, Georgia [from Cle] 234

New Orleans Saints
1. Fields, Mark, LB, Washington State, 13
2. Zellars, Ray, RB, Notre Dame, 44
3. Verstegen, Mike, T, Wisconsin, 75
4. Jeffries, Dameian, DE, Alabama, 108
5. Strong, William, DB, North Carolina State, 148
6. DeRamus, Lee, WR, Wisconsin, 184
7. Choice to StL
Davis, Travis, DB, Notre Dame, 242

New York Giants
1. Wheatley, Tyrone, RB, Michigan, 17
2. Gragg, Scott, T, Montana, 54
3. Young, Rodney, DB, Louisiana State, 85
4. Choice exercised in 1994 Supplemental Draft
Zatechka, Rob, G, Nebraska, 128
Talley, Ben, LB, Tennessee, 133
5. Mullen, Roderick, DB, Grambling State, 153
6. Choice to Min
Duff, Jamal, DE, San Diego State, 204
Way, Charles, RB, Virginia, 206
7. Diehl, Bryne, P, Alabama, 225

New York Jets
1. Brady, Kyle, TE, Penn State, 9
Douglas, Hugh, DE, Central State (OH) [from Ariz] 16
2. O'Dwyer, Matt, T, Northwestern [from Jac] 33
Choice to Jac
3. Choice to Jac
4. Hayes, Melvin, T, Mississippi State [from Sea thru Ariz] 106
Davis, Tyrone, WR, Virginia, 107
5. Greenwood, Carl, DB, UCLA, 142
6. Mason, Eddie, LB, North Carolina, 178
7. Ceaser, Curtis, WR, Grambling State, 217

Oakland Raiders
1. Kaufman, Napoleon, RB, Washington, 18
2. Robbins, Barret, C, Texas Christian, 49
3. Aska, Joe, RB, Central State (OK), 86
4. Morton, Mike, LB, North Carolina, 118
5. Dyson, Matt, LB, Michigan [from Was] 138
Kysar, Jeff, T, Arizona State, 154
6. Herring, Eli, T, Brigham Young, 190
7. Choice to Was

Philadelphia Eagles
1. Mamula, Mike, DE, Boston College [from TB] 7
Choice to TB
2. Choice to TB
Taylor, Bobby, DB, Notre Dame [from KC] 50
Brooks, Barrett, T, Kansas State [from Cle] 58
Choice to Dal thru TB
3. Jefferson, Greg, DE, Central Florida [from TB] 72
Choice to NE
Jones, Chris T., WR, Miami [from Den] 78
4. Choice to NE thru Kansas City
Barr, Dave, QB, California [from KC thru SF and Cle] 119
5. Choice to Cle
Choice to Jac
6. Choice to SD
McCrary, Fred, RB, Mississippi State [from Jac] 208
7. Bouie, Kevin, RB, Mississippi State [from Jac] 210
Choice to Jac
Smothers, Howard, T, Bethune-Cookman [from Jac] 248

Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Bruener, Mark, TE, Washington, 27
2. Stewart, Kordell, QB, Colorado, 60
3. Stai, Brenden, G, Nebraska, 91
4. Gibson, Oliver, DE, Notre Dame [from NE] 120
Jones, Donta, LB, Nebraska, 125
5. Flowers, Lethon, DB, Georgia Tech [from ChiB] 151
Brown, Lance, DB, Indiana, 161
6. Miles, Barron, DB, Nebraska, 199
7. Bailey, Henry, WR, Nevada-Las Vegas, 235
Ford, Cole, K, Southern California, 247

St. Louis Rams
1. Carter, Kevin, DE, Florida, 6
2. Wiegert, Zach, T, Nebraska, 38
James, Jesse, G, Mississippi State [from SF] 62
3. Choice to Det
McLaughlin, Steve, K, Arizona [from Det] 82
4. Choice to SD
Pinkney, Lovell, TE, Texas [from Det] 115
5. Scurlock, Mike, DB, Arizona, 140
6. Choice to SD
7. McBurrows, Gerald, DB, Kansas, 214
O'Berry, Herman, DB, Oregon [from NO] 220
Miller, Bronzell, DE, Utah, 239
Thomas, Johnny, WR, Arizona State, 240

San Diego Chargers
1. Choice to Car
2. Shaw, Terrance, DB, Stephen F. Austin [from Car] 34
Fletcher, Terrell, RB, Wisconsin [from Det] 51
Oliver, Jimmy, WR, Texas Christian, 61
3. Sasa, Don, DT, Washington State, 93
Harrison, Preston, LB, Ohio State [from Car] 98
4. Cowart, Chris, LB, Florida State [from Car] 100
Hayden, Aaron, RB, Tennessee [from StL] 104
Choice to Sea
5. Ellison, O'Mar, WR, Florida State, 162
6. Sienkiewicz, Troy, G, New Mexico State [from StL] 177
Harrison, Brandon, WR, Howard Payne [from Phi] 183
Whelihan, Craig, QB, Pacific [from Cle] 197
Berti, Tony, T, Colorado, 200
7. Montreuil, Mark, DB, Concordia, Canada, 237

San Francisco 49ers
1. Stokes, J.J., WR, UCLA [from Atl thru Cle] 10
Choice to Cle
2. Choice to StL
3. Choice to Cle
4. Hanshaw, Tim, G, Brigham Young, 127
5. Choice to Det
6. Armstrong, Antonio, DE, Texas A&M, 201
7. Coleman, Herbert, DE, Trinity (IL), 238

Seattle Seahawks
1. Galloway, Joey, WR, Ohio State, 8
2. Fauria, Christian, TE, Colorado, 39
3. Choice to GB
4. Choice to NYJ thru Ariz
Kyle, Jason, LB, Arizona State [from SD] 126
5. Choice to Det
6. McMillian, Henry, DT, Florida, 180
Goines, Eddie, WR, North Carolina State, 203
7. Bryant, Keif, DE, Rutgers, 216

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1. Choice to Phi
Sapp, Warren, DT, Miami [from Phi] 12
Brooks, Derrick, LB, Florida State [from Dal] 28
2. Choice to Atl thru Dal
Johnson, Melvin, DB, Kentucky [from Phi] 43
3. Choice to Phi
4. Wilson, Jerry, DB, Southern, 105
5. Abraham, Clifton, DB, Florida State, 143
6. Rouse, Wardell, LB, Clemson, 179
7. Ingram, Steve, G, Maryland, 215
Rodgers, Jeff, DE, Texas A&M-Kingsville [from KC] 227

Washington Redskins
1. Westbrook, Michael, WR, Colorado, 4
2. Raymer, Cory, C, Wisconsin, 37
3. Pounds, Darryl, DB, Nicholls State, 68
4. Jones, Larry, RB, Miami, 103
5. Asher, Jamie, TE, Louisville [from Hou] 137
Choice to Oak
Owens, Rich, DE, Lehigh [from GB thru Oak] 152
6. Thure, Brian, T, California, 176
7. Choice to Ariz
Turner, Scott, DB, Illinois [from Oak] 226