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General Published on : 1/1/2005


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Benny Friedman

 Miscellaneous game accounts from the 1920s and 1930 featuring Friedman

  "The Greatest Football Player in the World," by Paul Gallico, Liberty Magazine (circa 1929-30)

  "The Professional Touch," by Benny Friedman, Collier's, October 15, 1932

"I Could Play Pro Football and I'm 48!," by Benny Friedman, Sports, December 1953

"Halas Calls Friedman Pioneer Passer - Rest Came by Design," by George Halas, Daily News, February 4, 1967

"The Facts about Benny Friedman," by Jim Whalen & C.C. Staph (Coffin Corner, Vol. VIII, No. 8)

  Recap of Benny Friedman's NFL Career, prepared by Joel Bussert, National Football League

Dan Marino

  "Some Kind of Rookie," by Frank Cooney, The Sporting News, December 5, 1983

"Marino is Quietly Great ," by Chris Jenkins, San Diego Union, January 20, 1985

"...and he's better looking than Namath" by Bob Rubin, Inside Sports, February, 1985

"Marino Rides on the Road to the Hall of Fame," by Andy Cohen, GameDay National Edition, Vol. XIX, No. 4 (1988)

"Marino: No Airs About Ground Game," by Christine Brennan, Washington Post, Nov. 28, 1990

"I'm a Happy Man," by Armando Salguero, Palm Beach Post, July 28, 1991

"An Arm and a Leg," by S.L. Price, Sports Illustrated, June 6, 1994

"A Ring is the Thing," by Bob Rubin, Inside Sports, July 1996

Transcript of NFL Conference Call with Dan Marino, December 17, 1998

  "One More Fling,"  by Dan LeBatard, ESPN Magazine, December 28, 1998

"The Pride of Miami," by Scott Ostler, Super Bowl XXXIII Program (January 31, 1999)

  Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's Statement Regarding Dan Marino , March 13, 2000

Transcript for Miami Dolphins Press Conference with Dan Marino (retirement), March 13, 2000

 Dan Marino's Media Guide Career Bio - Courtesy of the Miami Dolphins

Fritz Pollard

  "Fritz Pollard is Gilberton's Star," newspaper clipping, October 16, 1923

"Fritz Pollard: Breaking the Barrier of Race," by Jay Barry, Brown Alumni Monthly, date unknown

"Fritz Pollard: The Early Football Black Wonder," National Scene, November 27, 1971

Title Unknown , by Carl Nesfield, Black Sports, December 1971

"Fritz Pollard - Football Great," by George Reasons and Sam Patrick, The (Washington) Evening Star, May 6, 1972

  "Pollard, at 84, Reflects On His Days of Glory," by Al Harvin, New York Times, February 7, 1978

"Fritz Pollard, All-American," source unknown, by Seth Moseley, II, January 7, 1979

  "Fritz Pollard: 85 Years' Worth of Memories,"  by Frank Bianco, Newsday (Sea-Mia program, August 18, 1980)

"NFL's Only Black Coach,"  by Ron Thomas, San Francisco Chronicle, January 27, 1988

Obituaries from New York Times and The Sporting News, 1986

Steve Young

  "The Second Coming of Steve Young," by David Whitford, Sport, December 1985

"Steve Young Has A New Start At A New Bay," by Tom Zucco, St. Petersburg Times (Football Digest, December 1987)

  "The Strange Football Saga of Steve Young," by Peter King, Newsday (Football Digest, December 1988)

"At Long Last, Young Gets His Chance,"  by Martin McNeal, The Sacramento Bee, August 25, 1991

"Still Young at Heart," by Brian Peterson (GameDay, December 28, 1992

"Scramble to Daylight,"  by Glenn Dickey, Inside Sports, February, 1993)

"No Longer Restless, Young Takes Command," by Barry Wilner (Football Digest, February 1993)

"Young and the Restless,"  by Peter King, Sports Illustrated, May 31, 1993

  "Life in the Glass House,"  by Glenn Dickey, Inside Sports, September 1994

  "Steve Young Q&A," by Dan Dieffenbach, Sport, July 1995

"Young Adapts to New Identity," by Ira Miller, San Francisco Chronicle, January 2, 1998

 "Brainstorm: How the hard drive inside Steve Young's head keeps the 49ers machine running," by Tony Schwartz, ESPN Magazine, January 11, 1999

"The 'fire' flickering, Steve Young calls it a career," by Dennis Georgatos, Associated Press, June 13, 2000

 Career Bio Packet prepared by the San Francisco 49ers (2005)