HOF Enshrinement -- Greatest Reunion Update

General Published on : 1/1/2005


The count is now 111 of the 136 living members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame who will be on hand in Canton, Ohio, July 28-31 to celebrate Pro Football's Greatest Reunion. Believed to be the largest reunion of any sports hall of fame at any one time, the unprecedented gathering is a fitting way to kick off the NFL’s Century Celebration.

“Our NFL Century celebration will help us kickoff the first season of the new millennium in a special way,” commented NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. “The celebration will be a season-long series of events that will highlight today’s great players and link them to the 80-year tradition of NFL games, alumni, and teams that have helped make pro football the fan’s favorite sport.” It was Tagliabue who first conceived of the idea of a Hall of Fame reunion.

While 88-year-old Sid Gillman is the oldest Hall of Famer planning to attend, Otto Graham and Steve Van Buren represent the earliest Hall of Fame Class to attend. Graham and Van Buren are from the Class of 1965. The only living member of the Hall’s charter class of 1963 is Sammy Baugh who is unable to attend the festivities. There are no living members of the Class of 1964.

The Cleveland Browns will be the most represented team at the reunion with 11 Hall of Famers attending. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a close second with 10, and the Oakland Raiders with nine, are third.

Hall of Fame quarterback Ace Parker, who at 88-years-old is just a few months younger than Gillman, is also planning on attending the reunion. Parker who had an outstanding collegiate and pro career is the only Hall of Famer attending who did not play on a current NFL team. The triple-threat back played for the NFL’s Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Yanks and New York Yankees.



Adderley, Herb
Atkins, Doug
Barney, Lem
Bednarik, Chuck
Bell, Bobby
Berry, Raymond
Biletnikoff, Fred
Blanda, George
Blount, Mel
Bradshaw, Terry
Brown, Jim
Brown, Rosey
Brown, Willie
Butkus, Dick
Connor, George
Creekmur, Lou
Davis, Al
Davis, Willie
Dawson, Len
Dickerson, Eric
Dierdorf, Dan
Ditka, Mike
Donovan, Art
Dorsett, Tony
Dudley, Bill
Fouts, Dan
Gatski, Frank
Gifford, Frank
Gillman, Sid
Graham, Otto
Grant, Bud
Greene, Joe
Gregg, Forrest
Griese, Bob
Groza, Lou
Hannah, John
Harris, Franco
Haynes, Mike
Hendricks, Ted
Hornung, Paul
Houston, Ken
Huff, Sam
Hunt, Lamar
Johnson, John Henry
Jones, Deacon
Jones, Stan
Jurgensen, Sonny
Kelly, Leroy
Krause, Paul
Lambert, Jack
Langer, Jim
Lanier, Willie
Largent, Steve
Lary, Yale
Lavelli, Dante
Lilly, Bob
Little, Larry
Mack, Tom
Mackey, John
Mara, Wellington
Marchetti, Gino
Matson, Ollie
Maynard, Don
McCormack, Mike
McDonald, Tommy
McElhenny, Hugh
Mitchell, Bobby
Mix, Ron
Moore, Lenny
Munoz, Anthony
Namath, Joe
Newsome, Ozzie
Noll, Chuck
Nomellini, Leo
Otto, Jim
Parker, Ace
Perry, Joe
Pihos, Pete
Renfro, Mel
Robustelli, Andy
Sayers, Gale
Schramm, Tex
Selmon, Lee Roy
Shaw, Billy
Shula, Don
Smith, Jackie
St. Clair, Bob
Starr, Bart
Staubach, Roger
Stautner, Ernie
Stenerud, Jan
Stephenson, Dwight
Taylor, Charley
Taylor, Jim
Taylor, Lawrence
Trippi, Charley
Upshaw, Gene
Van Buren, Steve
Walsh, Bill
Warfield, Paul
Webster, Mike
White, Randy
Willis, Bill
Wilson, Larry
Winslow, Kellen
Wood, Willie

Class of 2000
Long, Howie
Lott, Ronnie
Montana, Joe
Rooney, Dan