Steelers Trivia - #2

History Published on : 5/7/2007


Did you really think we were going to give you multiple choice answers? If you’re the type of fan that can brag that your team’s won five Super Bowls, then you better be able to answer these about the Steelers!!

1. Where did kicker Gary Anderson play college football?

2. What was quarterback Kordell Stewart's nickname when he played with the Steelers?

3. Other than the Rooney family, who is the only other person in the Steeler organization to be apart of all six Super Bowls the Steelers have participated in?

4. Who was the Steelers first round draft pick in 1974?

5. In what year did the Steelers gain their first winning record?

6. What former Steeler holds the record for longest punt return by a Steelers opponent?

7. What position did Ben Roethlisberger play as a junior at Findlay (Ohio) High School?

8. Other than Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher, who is the only other Steelers coach to own a winning record with the team?

9. Before Terry Bradshaw made the number famous, who wore 12 before the Hall of Famer came along in 1970?

10. Who is this famous Steelers player pictured below? Hint: he was named to seven Pro Bowls over an eight-year span from 1969-1976.


Answers to Steelers Trivia #2