Reed rumbles 108 yards for NFL record | Longest interception returns by team

History Published on : 11/24/2008

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed (left) returned an interception 108 yards for a touchdown during his team’s 36-7 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Reed's interception return is the longest in NFL history and bested his own mark, a 106-yard return in a game in 2004.

Reed is also the third defensive back this season to set or tie a club record for longest interception return.

Reed intercepted Eagles QB Kevin Kolb midway through the fourth quarter to give his team a 29-7 lead.

His touchdown, while the longest interception return ever, is not the longest score in NFL history. That unbreakable mark is held by the San Diego Chargers’ Antonio Cromartie who returned a missed field goal 109 yards against the Minnesota Vikings during the 2007 season.

PHOTO (Right): The longest standing team record for interception return belongs to the Steelers. Martin Kottler’s 99-yard interception return came during the team’s first season in 1933 when the team was called the Pirates.

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Here is a look at the record holders for longest interception return by team. Note, all were returned for touchdowns except for the Carolina Panthers’ Julius Peppers who did not score on his club record 97-yard interception return in 2004.


Baltimore Ravens
Ed Reed, 108 yards vs. Eagles, Nov. 23, 2008

Buffalo Bills
Tony Greene, 101 yards vs. Chiefs, Oct. 3, 1976

Cincinnati Bengals
Louis Breeden, 102 yards vs. Chargers, Nov. 8, 1981
Artrell Hawkins, 102 yards vs. Texans, Nov. 3, 2002

Cleveland Browns
Brodney Pool, 100 yards vs. Ravens, Nov. 18, 2007

Denver Broncos
Randy Gradishar, 93 yards vs. Browns, Oct. 5, 1980

Houston Texans
Marcus Coleman, 102 yards vs. Chiefs, Sept. 26, 2004

Indianapolis Colts
Eugene Daniel, 97 yards vs. Jets, Oct. 29, 1995

Jacksonville Jaguars
Aaron Beasley, 93 yards vs. 49ers, Sept. 12, 1999

Kansas City Chiefs
Gary Barbaro, 102 yards vs. Seahawks, Dec. 11, 1977

Miami Dolphins
Louis Oliver, 103 yards vs. Bills, Oct. 4, 1992

New England Patriots
Jimmy Hitchcock, 100 yards vs. Dolphins, Nov. 23, 1997

New York Jets
Aaron Glenn, 100 yards vs. Dolphins, Sept. 15, 1996

Oakland Raiders
Eddie Anderson, 102 yards vs. Dolphins, Dec. 14, 1992

Pittsburgh Steelers
Martin Kottler, 99 yards vs. Cardinals, Sept. 27, 1933

San Diego Chargers
Vencie Glenn, 103 yards vs. Broncos, Nov. 29, 1987

Tennessee Titans
Cortland Finnegan, 99 yards vs. Texans, Sept. 21, 2008

Adrian Wilson, 99 yards vs. Falcons, Oct. 1, 2006

Atlanta Falcons
Tom Pridemore, 101 yards vs. 49ers, Sept. 20, 1981

Carolina Panthers
Julius Peppers, 97 yards vs. Denver, Oct. 10, 2004

Chicago Bears
Richie Petitbon, 101 yards vs. Rams, Dec. 9, 1962

Dallas Cowboys
Mike Gaechter, 100 yards vs. Eagles, Oct 14, 1962

Detroit Lions
Bob Smith, 102 yards vs. Bears, Nov. 24, 1949

Green Bay Packers
Tim Lewis, 99 yards vs. Rams, Nov. 18, 1984
Aaron Rouse, 99 yards, vs. Colts, Oct. 19, 2008

Minnesota Vikings
Bobby Bryant, 63 yards vs. Cowboys, Dec. 30, 1973

New Orleans Saints
Tommy Myers, 97 yards vs. Vikings, Sept. 3, 1978

New York Giants
Erich Barnes, 102 yards vs. Cowboys, Oct. 15, 1961

Philadelphia Eagles
James Willis/Troy Vincent, 104 yards vs. Cowboys, Nov. 3, 1996
* Willis intercepted a Troy Aikman pass 4 yards deep in the end zone and returned it 14 yards before lateralling to Vincent who ran it 90 yards for a touchdown.

St. Louis Rams
Johnnie Johnson, 99 vs. Packers, Sept. 21, 1980

San Francisco 49ers
Zack Bronson, 97 vs. Bears, Oct. 28, 2001

Seattle Seahawks
Sammy Green, 91 yards vs. 49ers, Oct. 7, 1979

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Shelton Quarles, 98 yards vs. Packers, Oct. 7, 2001

Washington Redskins
Barry Wilburn, 100 yards vs. Vikings, Dec. 26 1987