Class of 2014 presenters

Enshrinement Published on : 7/17/2014
The seven members of the Class of 2014 – Derrick Brooks, Ray Guy, Claude Humphrey, Walter Jones, Andre Reed, Michael Strahan, and Aeneas Williams – will take center stage during the upcoming Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend, Aug. 1-3. At their side throughout the great celebration will be the individual each has selected to serve as their presenter for enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

Class of 2014 Presenters

Decalon Brooks
for his father Derrick Brooks
John Madden for former Oakland Raiders punter Ray Guy
Cheyenne Humphrey-Robinson for her father Claude Humphrey
Walterius Jones for his father Walter Jones
Marv Levy for former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed
Jay Glazer for his friend and colleague Michael Strahan
Lawrence Williams for his son Aeneas Williams

All-time list of Hall of Fame presenters
This year’s group of presenters includes a daughter, a father, two young sons, a member of the media, and two Hall of Fame head coaches.

Claude Humphrey, the longtime defensive end of the Atlanta Falcons who finished his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, has chosen his daughter Cheyenne Humphrey-Robinson to present him for enshrinement. She becomes just the third daughter ever to serve as a presenter. John Elway was presented by his daughter Jessica in 2004, and last year Warren Sapp was presented by his daughter Mercedes.

Michael Strahan has chosen his longtime friend and FOX NFL Sunday “teammate” Jay Glazer to present him. Glazer is a veteran FOX Sports NFL Insider and has worked alongside Strahan for many years.

Hall of Fame coaches Marv Levy (Class of 2001) and John Madden (Class of 2006) both return to the Enshrinement stage for the third time as a presenter. Levy will present wide receiver Andre Reed and Madden will serve as the presenter for punter Ray Guy. Levy and Madden also shared the stage in 2002 when they presented Jim Kelly and Dave Casper, respectively. In addition, Madden presented owner Al Davis in 1992 and Levy served as a presenter for Thurman Thomas in 2007.

Linebacker Derrick Brooks and tackle Walter Jones have chosen their sons to present them. Decalon Brooks and Walterius Jones become the 25th and 26th sons to present their fathers.

“Obviously, my first preference was having all of my kids say something but I had to pick just one,” Brooks stated about son Decalon. “Since he started playing football, I’ve always been directly involved with him, and now he gets a chance to be directly involved with me. I am anxious to see what he says representing his brothers and sisters.”

"We've been brothers for a long time; we've been friends for more than half of our lives. I don't think it hit me until the last month or so. How amazing is it that when someone gets enshrined into eternity in football, they ask you to come along for the ride? That's without a doubt the highlight of my career." – Jay Glazer who will present friend and colleague Michael Strahan

Walter Payton, in 1993, became the first Hall of Famer to pick a son as a presenter when he selected his son Jarrett Payton. Other years in which sons have presented their fathers include: 2013 (Cris Carter, Curley Culp, Dave Robinson), 2012 (Jack Butler, Chris Doleman), 2011 (Chris Hanburger, Ed Sabol), 2010 (Floyd Little), 2008 (Darrell Green, Art Monk, Emmitt Thomas), 2006 (Harry Carson, Reggie White), 2005 (Dan Marino), 2004 (Bob Brown, Carl Eller), 2003 (James Lofton), 2002 (John Stallworth), 2001 (Nick Buoniconti), 1999 (Lawrence Taylor), 1998 (Anthony Muñoz), and 1997 (Don Shula).

Lawrence Williams will be the seventh father to present his son for Enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame when he presents Aeneas Williams this year. Other Gold Jackets who’ve been presented by their father include Willie Roaf (2012), Steve Young (2005), Barry Sanders (2004), Marcus Allen (2003), and Ronnie Lott (2000). John Hannah was the first Hall of Famer to pick his dad as a presenter when Herb Hannah, a former NFL player, served in that role in 1991.

The first “official” duty for the seven presenters will occur at the Gold Jacket Dinner on Friday, Aug. 1. It is during this event that the presenters will place the Hall of Fame Gold Jackets on the newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Seats are still available for the Enshrinement of the Class of 2014 (Derrick Brooks, Ray Guy, Claude Humphrey, Walter Jones, Andre Reed, Michael Strahan, and Aeneas Williams) on Saturday, Aug. 2 and the NFL/Hall of Fame Game (New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills) on Sunday, Aug. 3. Tickets>>>
Then, at the Enshrinement Ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 2, dramatic video presentations will be broadcast to the fans in attendance at Pro Football Hall of Fame Field as well as to the national television audiences tuning in on NFL Network and ESPN. Each member of the Class of 2014 will then have their presenter accompany them to the Enshrinement podium where together they will unveil the Hall of Famer’s bronze bust for the first time.