Sklar Brothers Finally Make it to Hall of Fame

General Published on : 10/9/2015

The twin brother comedy duo of Jason and Randy Sklar are well-known sports enthusiasts and on-air personalities. They’ve been to sporting events and venues all across the country, but today they visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the first time.

Ironically, their mom grew up in Canton and their aunt Rita still lives in the Hall of Fame city. Unfortunately, they never made the trip to the museum growing up.


“I don’t understand why our dad never took us. He was really cheap,” joked Randy.

The Sklar brothers are currently touring for their stand-up comedy act and had a show in Kent, Ohio, which is not far from Canton. They decided this time they weren’t going to miss out so they picked up their aunt to join them for a tour of the Hall of Fame. They also filmed a segment for NFL Network during their visit. 
“If you’re a football fan this is the greatest place in the world,” said Randy.

Jason and Randy sat down with to discuss their visit, their favorite sports teams, which players from the “Greatest Show on Turf” should be elected to the Hall of Fame, their comedy act and more! Make sure to watch the video below.