Carl Eller Set to Showcase Art in New Vikings Stadium

Pro Football Hall of Fame Gold Jacket Carl Eller was a creative and extraordinary pass rusher during his 15 years at defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings. Eller, known as one-fourth of the ferocious “Purple People Eaters,” defensive line, helped lead the Vikings to 10 NFL/NFC Central Division titles and four Super Bowls births. He will always be a major part of the franchise’s history and now the artwork he creates will be a part of its future.

Eller will contribute 10-12 pieces of art to be displayed in U.S. Bank Stadium, the Vikings new home set to open for the 2016 NFL Season. He calls his art “Lakes,” which will feature ceramic bowls encased and hung on walls throughout the stadium.

“Lakes are an important part of Minnesota,” explained Eller. “I really like that this is the project and the project theme.”

The Vikings Legend is excited to be a part of their new stadium. He feels his art will give him continuity and a connection between his days as a Viking and the future of the franchise.

Eller, who has been working with ceramics for 10 years, began appreciating art while he was in high school and college when he would draft during his art classes. He always makes it a point to visit museums when he travels.
“Any piece of art is a labor of love, the hours, the time, the thought, all that goes into it,” Eller said. “It’s not just appreciating the art, it’s appreciating what [the artist] was trying to do and say. Sometimes in ceramics, it generally is a surprise for me. I have to be happy with it, but a lot of times, it surprises me.”

NFL Legends Jim Marshall and Matt Blair are also contributing pieces of art to the stadium.

Listen to Eller explain his art in the video below.