"A Game For Life

Hall Info Published on : 6/1/2016

A Game for Life,” a spectacular cutting-edge, multi-sensory immersive theater including holographic representations of Hall of Fame legends JOE NAMATH, GEORGE HALAS and VINCE LOMBARDI, is set to open at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in mid-July. The project, led by a world class team from the entertainment industry, has been two years in the making. The theater experience will be included in the price of admission.

“A Game for Life” was created through a collaboration of leaders from the film industry, writers of the biggest inspirational sports projects in history, and design efforts from a leading museum design firm.


The production team was led by Immersive Artistry’s team of Cary Granat (CEO), Ed Jones (President) and Jack Giarraputo (Partner & Head of Creatives). Granat was the founder of Walden Media and produced “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Jones is a multiple award-winner (Academy Award® for “Happy Feet” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”) and world class technologist; and Giarraputo has produced more than 30 films and was the co-founder, along with Adam Sandler, of Happy Madison Productions.

The team of writers for “A Game for Life” include Angelo Pizzo (“Hoosiers” and “Rudy”), Jamie Linden (“We are Marshall”) and Jay Longino (“Sports Night”).

Gallagher & Associates, an internationally recognized museum planning and design firm, designed the pre- and post-portions of the theater experience.

“Our team was honored and humbled to be asked to work with the Hall of Fame on creating a magical destination that fulfills every football fans’ dreams and aspiration to live in the actual moment of greatness and excellence in football history,” Granat commented.

“A Game for Life” is the next generation of experiential entertainment that literally places fans into a themed locker room. The show provides a full range of emotions for fans who will be immersed into a setting reserved just for Hall of Famers. Holographic versions of Namath, Halas, and Lombardi engage through a “magical chalkboard” with several Hall of Fame legends – ALAN PAGE, JIM KELLY, JIM BROWN, CURTIS MARTIN, STEVE LARGENT and others – to share the inspiring lessons learned from the Game that are, in reality, lessons for life.

“The Game of Football is the perfect metaphor for the Game for Life,” Pro Football Hall of Fame President David Baker stated. “This experience is produced by an incredibly talented team who present the values learned from the game and how they apply to all areas of life. We are thrilled to be able to provide this one-of-kind, inspiring experience to fans everywhere!”

Visitors begin the exclusive experience by gaining an understanding of how incredibly difficult it is to earn a bronzed bust in Canton. Out of the 100 million who have played the game at some level, a mere 303 have ever been elected to the Hall of Fame. Guests will enter a stadium-themed pre-show tunnel where they will be treated to a powerful video presentation that explains the odds of making it to the Hall of Fame. The video is narrated by noted actor Dennis Haysbert whose distinctive and familiar voice will set the stage for the exclusive nature of the extraordinary place that guests will enter.

The main set is a space designed to look and feel like an NFL locker room but this one is reserved for Hall of Famers only. It is an intimate space where small groups of Hall of Fame guests will be permitted to enter as silent observers where they will experience an emotional connection through a multitude of elements ranging from physical, visual, sound, and lighting. “A Game for Life” marks the first time a combination of cutting-edge holographic, immersive sound and projection technologies were combined.

An unbelievably real looking holographic figure of Namath will provide an introduction to the presentation. “Broadway Joe” will turn his attention to a “magical chalkboard” where his fellow Hall of Famers will, one-by-one, share their inspiring stories about how the lessons learned from the game have carried them through life. Holographic versions of Halas and Lombardi will enter the locker room and add their motivational messages as if they were addressing one of their championship teams.

The immersive experience, created over months of production in Los Angeles, continues as guests depart the theater. Fans will be enveloped by inspirational words that echo through the exit tunnel designed to feel as if one is about to walk onto an NFL field. A final message of “YOUR Game for Life begins now!” will be displayed as fans depart the tunnel.

Funding for “A Game for Life” came through a generous grant from The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation. Wilson was the one of the original founders and guiding force of the American Football League. He founded the Buffalo Bills and owned the franchise from its inaugural season in 1960 through his death in 2014. Wilson, who was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009, had a deep passion for preserving the history of the game and promoting its values. Research and development for “A Game for Life” was conducted in the Hall of Fame’s Ralph Wilson, Jr. Pro Football Research & Preservation Center that houses the world’s largest collection on pro football.

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