Patriots DE Chris Long celebrates Super Bowl LI Win with Hall of Fame Dad

Gold Jacket Howie Long is no stranger to hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy, during his Super Bowl XVIII victory with the Oakland Raiders. But this year’s game brought a unique experience for the Long family, as Howie got to watch his son Chris win his own ring with the New England Patriots’ incredible 34-28 overtime victory against the Atlanta Falcons.

With this victory, the Long family becomes the seventh father-son combination to each win a Super Bowl. Howie and Chris join Bob and Brian Griese as the only Hall of Fame Super Bowl Champion fathers with sons to hoist their own Lombardi Trophy.

The Patriots trailed 21-0 throughout the second quarter but managed to score a field goal right before heading into the locker-room at the half, 21-3. While facing the Falcons’ number one offense on football’s biggest stage, it was hard for Chris not to have some doubts in winning the game.

“I kept telling people Duron Harmon walked in and said, ‘This is going to be the best comeback of all time,’" Long said in an interview with ProFootballTalk. “And we completely believed it. We had enough guys like that that were pulling guys like me along who were down. There were some guys that were like, ‘Man, how’d we get in this hole? We’re going to keep fighting, but it’s hard to believe.’ We just kept at it.”

“I think it’s one of those feelings, it feels amazing right now but it’s going to feel better as a memory all the time,” concluded Long. “That memory is never going to leave me. You feel like you’re kind of immortal.”

Father: Howie Long, (HOF) DE, Raiders (XVIIII)
Son:     Chris, DE, New England (LI)

Father: Craig Colquitt, P, Pittsburgh (XIII, XIV)
Son:     Britton, P, Denver (XLVIII, Super Bowl 50)

Father: Frank Cornish, DT, Miami (VI)
Son:     Frank, C, Dallas (XXVII, XXVIII)

Father: Bruce Davis, T, Oakland-L.A. Raiders (XV, XVIII)
Son:     Bruce, LB, Pittsburgh (XLIII)*

Father: Steve DeOssie, LB, N.Y. Giants (XXV)
Son:     Zak, LB, N.Y. Giants (XLII)

Father: Bob Griese, (HOF) QB, Miami (VI, VII, VIII)
Son:     Brian, QB, Denver (XXXIII)*; Chicago (XLI)*

Father: Emery Moorehead, TE, Chicago (XX)
Son:     Aaron, WR, Indianapolis (XLI)