Gervasi Vineyard & The Pro Football Hall of Fame Debut Second Limited Edition Wine

The Pro Football Hall of Fame and Gervasi Vineyard have again partnered to produce a co-branded wine featuring the Hall’s iconic logo. The specially labeled wine, a Limited-Edition label, will make its debut today, Tuesday, Aug. 1, at Gervasi Vineyard.

The 2017 Limited Edition Chardonnay is made with barrel fermentation and sur lie aging, displaying elegant oak and fruit. Each wine at Gervasi Vineyard is given a special name. For this second edition, the Hall of Fame selected the name “Integrity” that ties into the Hall of Fame’s Mission to “Honor the Heroes of the Game, Preserve its History, Promote its Values & Celebrate Excellence EVERYWHERE!” and the core values learned from the Game – commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence. Integrity is the dedication to doing the right thing even if it is not easy.

In addition to the Chardonnay, Gervasi Vineyard has elected to re-release the original Hall of Fame Wine, “Excellence”, a Cabernet Sauvignon, which is full bodied with bold layers of black currant, black cherries and notes of plum.

“Partnering with the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the second year is exciting! We are truly proud of Canton and are thrilled to be a part of the iconic Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Enshrinement Festival,” said Gervasi’s General Manager Scott Swaldo. “In addition to the ‘Integrity’ Chardonnay, we chose to re-introduce ‘Excellence,’ Cabernet Sauvignon as a special 2017 Hall of Fame Limited Edition because it is an award-winning wine.”

The two 2017 Limited Edition Pro Football Hall of Fame wines, “Integrity” and “Excellence”, will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday, August 1 and will be sold at Gervasi Vineyard, at The Marketplace and The Crush House for $44.00 per bottle (take home only). Gervasi Vineyard features 27 wine varietals with a focus on classical European varieties and includes three premier estate-grown North American hybrids. The wine varietals range from a dry Cabernet Sauvignon, such as “Excellence”, to a sweet Vidal Blanc Ice Wine. 

Winemaker, Andrew Codispoti said, “This year’s wine co-branding encore with the Pro Football Hall of Fame is truly elevating and moving. We are pleased to again share tin this spectacular occasion.” 

In celebrating integrity and excellence as a premier winery in Ohio, Gervasi Vineyard offers wine education classes, wine tours, and exclusive pairings tours for wine enthusiasts. Complimentary tours of the winery are offered every Saturday at 12:00 noon, 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. at The Crush House Wine Bar & Eatery. Tours last approximately 30 minutes with no advance registration needed. Guests are invited to taste Gervasi wines either before or after the winery tour at the tasting bar. All domestic GV wines are available for purchase to take home, including the 2017 Limited Edition “Integrity” and “Excellence”.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame will also offer the Limited Edition “Integrity” Chardonnay to groups utilizing the Hall for special events. The Hall offers world-class hospitality opportunities with a variety of event options available including its spectacular main 300-seat Event Center featuring two large theater size screens for presentations. The Hall of Fame’s Hospitality provides full catering and beverage needs plus something nowhere else can offer, a private tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

To find out more about how to host an excellent event at “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth,” please contact Brian Proud, Director of Hospitality, at 330-588-3642 or [email protected].