Measurement Monday Class of 2020

It has been less than 48 hours since Steve Atwater, Isaac Bruce, Steve Hutchinson, Edgerrin James and Troy Polamalu heard a thumping rap of knuckles on their hotel room doors in Miami. Their lives will forever be changed after hearing the booming voice of Pro Football Hall of Fame President David Baker saying “You Are Going to Canton!”

These men and their legacies of excellence are forever immortalized with the greatest players, coaches and contributors of all-time. Their selection into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, along with the 15 Centennial Slate members, elevates the elite number of Hall of Fame members to 346.

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The men who make up the Class of 2020 will now be looked at, not only as the greatest players, coaches and contributors the game has ever seen, but they will be revered in a way that they now have a new responsibility and mission that can change people’s lives. To lead, to inspire and to shine the light that is on them back to the many people throughout the world that look to them for leadership. 

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020 was crowned Saturday night during the nationally televised “NFL Honors” show in front of millions of viewers. They were then whisked off stage to a national press conference.

While Sunday was game day for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the newly elected Class was in demand completing a number of press appearances. They were then introduced during Super Bowl LIV, watched the game in a luxury suite, while getting acquainted with new teammates from the greatest team they will ever be a part of. It’s a Nirvana like dream world, but the memories created this weekend will last forever.

"Measurement Monday" Presented by Haggar, when all the focus is on orienting the newest class and their families to how their lives will change in both the long- and short-term. Gold Jackets will be on hand to help the new class get ready for their grand coronation. The Hall of Famers will share intimate testimonies of what it means to be a part of this exclusive and prestigious football fraternity and be given a "gameplan" to prepare for Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls, in Canton, Ohio this August. 

Details for 2020 Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls

The 2020 Class will enjoy a welcome breakfast hosted by the President & CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame David Baker.

After the warm welcome, the members of the Class of 2020 will be greeted by NFL Network for more media availability. Then it’s time to be measured for the three iconic symbols that embody the essence of a Hall of Famer: the Bronze Bust, the Haggar Gold Jacket and the Kay Jewelers Ring of Excellence.

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Each class member will have a 360-degree photograph taken of their head and their skulls, jaws, ears, neck, forehead, nose and chin measured with a caliper for precision.

While Dorothy had her yellow brick road to Oz, this golden road leads to Canton for these special men who make up the Class of 2020, and the memories that will be created throughout their road to immortality will never be forgotten.