NFL Teams Bring 'A Games' When Announcing 2022 Regular Season Schedules

The NFL’s 2022 regular-season schedule was released on Thursday night and several of the league’s creative teams brought their A Games in finding ways to cleverly make their announcements.

Whether it was the Seattle Seahawks pranking their players with a “fake schedule release” (which included a game at the Hall of Fame in Canton) or the Carolina Panthers providing a short tribute to the Class of 2022’s Sam Mills in a 90s-themed video, there were several schedule announcements that deserved acknowledgement.



After taking note of the conversation on Twitter, the Hall of Fame has assembled a short list of schedule announcements that seemed to catch the public’s eye.


One of the schedule announcements that received the most praise was that of the Los Angeles Chargers, who perfectly executed on an anime theme.



Another team whose animation game was magnificent, while also including several clever references to their opponents, was the Cincinnati Bengals.



A team that similarly took a humorous route – in a completely different direction – was the Denver Broncos, who utilized the Class of 2021’s Peyton Manning and Class of 2004’s John Elway, as well as new Bronco Russell Wilson.



Below are a few others that particularly stood out.