Family, Friends and a Well-Executed ‘Knock’

Enshrinement Published on : 2/19/2022
Families and friends provide the safety net for someone aspiring to play in the National Football League. They often are as important as teammates and coaches.

For those players who are under consideration for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, family is called upon for even more support, for there will be a wait.  Roughly two-thirds of those enshrined in the Hall of Fame did not come from the first-time eligible list. 

Waiting is painful but part of the process. The Class of 2022 includes Dick Vermeil, who waited two decades. Likewise for LeRoy Butler. Another Packers legend, Jerry Kramer, waited nearly a half-century.

When Jacksonville Jaguars tackle Tony Boselli reached the Finalist stage for the sixth consecutive year, he was determined to manage his expectations. Or so he thought.

“I did not talk about it,” he said. “I was not going to get high or low with it. I counseled myself to be patient.”

His wife, Angie, said, “He tried, but I could see in his face he was fighting it. As a family, we stayed away from the discussion, but we’re thankful that we knew we did not have to wait behind a door in a hotel. It would either be a call that he was not in or some surprise if he got in.” 

When the news came that Boselli’s wait was over, insider family members expressed concern about executing the knock at their house. Fortunately, a friend and business partner of Tony’s resides nearby. A staged “meeting” could take place there.

Angie Boselli wanted to create two scenarios. First, she wanted their five children and some of their closest in-laws sequestered in the “sting” house in advance. Second, she wanted to see Tony’s face when the door opened.

No problem.

The wife of Tony’s business partner had been a top corporate event planner and had executed many secret surprises, including birthday parties and anniversaries. She created a PowerPoint plan of attack that made her immediately wanted by the NFL Network to work for them.

The plan was flawless, including choosing Hall of Famer Anthony Muñoz to deliver the knock. He has maintained a long relationship with Boselli – both former USC offensive lineman and No. 1 NFL draft picks who knew each other for years at football camps and golf tournaments.

🎥 Watch Tony Boselli's Knock:

When the big moment happened, Boselli cried out, “Anthony Muñoz, I have always wanted you to knock on my door.”

The family poured out a side door, and a team huddle of jumping up and down ensued. 

Pictures and interviews were moved to the back yard and yes, there was a pool, but no one was thrown in. Instead it was champagne for all and a relief that now the Jacksonville Jaguars have their first Pro Football Hall of Famer.