What’s Behind Design of Super Bowl Rings

Artifacts Published on : 2/9/2022
Most say “World Champions” across the top.

Some highlight the Vince Lombardi Trophy; others feature a team logo.

With 55 versions to consider, plenty of variety exists.

Only at the Pro Football Hall of Fame can fans of the game see every style of Super Bowl ring on display in one case.

Each tells a story.

Why are the diamonds arranged a particular way? What do the inscriptions signify? Is there a reason for the number or shape of gems used?

This collection of videos help explain the meanings behind the designs and what each team sought to commemorate with its Super Bowl ring.

Super Bowl Rings (I - X)

Super Bowl Rings (XI - XX)

Super Bowl Rings (XXI - XXX)

Super Bowl Rings (XXXI - XL)

Super Bowl Rings (XLI - 50)

Super Bowl Rings (LI - LV)