Dolphins dominated Bills in 70's

Dolphins dominated Bills in 70's

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The Miami Dolphins, who began as an expansion team in 1966, quickly took a liking to playing its division rival Buffalo Bills. On November 16, 1969, the Dolphins lost to the Bills at Buffalo’s War Memorial Stadium. It marked the last time that Miami would lose to Buffalo in more than a decade.

The following season, Miami embarked on a 20-game winning streak over the Bills that stretched through the entire decade of the 1970s.

In the 1980 season opener at Rich Stadium, the Bills finally beat Miami. The Bills faithful, who had so frustratingly witnessed defeat twice a year for so long, exploded in joy. At the completion of the Bills’ 17-7 win that day, the fans stormed the field and tore down the goal posts. The team’s long-time owner Ralph Wilson shared the emotion afterwards. “It’s the biggest win this club’s ever had,” he commented. “Bigger than the AFL championships. I’ll be happy to buy new goal posts.”

The Dolphins dominance over the Bills remains the longest winning streak of one club over another in NFL history. Here are the game-by-game scores for the decade:

1970 – at Buffalo, 33-14; in Miami, 45-7
1971 – at Buffalo, 29-14; in Miami, 34-0
1972 – in Miami, 24-23; at Buffalo, 30-16 (B)
1973 – in Miami, 27-6; at Buffalo, 17-0
1974 – at Buffalo, 24-16; in Miami 35-28
1975 – at Buffalo, 35-30; in Miami , 31-21
1976 – at Buffalo, 30-21; in Miami , 45-27
1977 – at Buffalo, 13-0; in Miami, 31-14
1978 – in Miami, 31-24; at Buffalo, 25-24
1979 – at Buffalo, 9-7; in Miami, 17-7

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