Junior Seau Enshrinement speech

Sydney Seau’s comments following the Enshrinement of her father

THE MODERATOR:  Sydney, players play to get to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  What would your father say at a time like this? 

SYDNEY SEAU:  I think my father would be completely overwhelmed and honored to be inducted into a class with the most elite athletes and professionals.  First and foremost, he would thank the seven buddies out on stage with him tonight.  I know this isn't my speech to give.  This is his.  He spent 20 years with them in the league, and he deserves this moment.  All I can do is humbly attempt the people within his life and career that made this induction possible. 

First and foremost, that's my Nana and Papa, my grandparents.  His parents.  They were everything to him [Applause].  They taught him the true meaning of love, family, how to present one's self, how to respect one's culture and selflessness.  And I know for a fact that he would say that this honor is also yours along with the rest of our Seau family.  I'm sorry.  I'm just emotional.  I know he would thank every team, teammate, fan, the community of San Diego and the Chargers for the career of a lifetime.  You guys are everything to him.  Without you, he wouldn't have become the player that he was, and I thank you as well. 

He is the first Polynesian and Samoan to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and that is an accomplishment in itself.  He is proof that even a young boy from Oceanside can make his dreams a reality.  Although he is the first to make it into the Hall, I know for a fact that he won't be the last.  And that says something.  One of his biggest accomplishments in my mind was being able to give back to the community through the Junior Seau Foundation, that is where his true legacy lies is in that foundation, giving back to the community that gave him everything. 

Dad, you gave us your time, your presence, your love, but most of all you gave us your heart, and I know at times it seemed as if everything you accomplished in life wasn't enough, but today and every day since you've held me in your arms for the first time, you were more than just enough.  You were everything. 

And I hope this induction can exemplify the fact that you are more than just Junior Seau, number 55 and a buddy.  You are a light, and I want nothing more than to see you come on stage, give the speech you were meant to give, give me a hug and tell me you love me one last time; but that isn't our reality.  And I know that his athleticism and talent made him extraordinary enough to make it into the Hall, but it is his passion and heart that make him truly legendary and deserving of this tremendous honor, and I would just like to thank my family and everyone else for all their support through this process.  Dad, I love you, and I miss you, congratulations.  You made it. 

THE MODERATOR:  Sydney Seau, thank you very much.