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Walter Jones

Class of 2014

All-Pro selections


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"You learn in the game to be accountable and I think for my kids just teaching them how to be accountable. And maybe they won’t play the game of football but just being accountable for things in life.”

Enshrinement Speech

Career Highlights

The Seattle Seahawks traded up in the 1997 NFL Draft in order to select Florida State tackle Walter Jones as the sixth overall pick. The move paid off over the next 12 seasons as he solidified himself as the cornerstone of the Seahawks offensive line while becoming one of the finest tackles in the NFL.

His ability on the football field was evident from the start. He earned the starting left tackle spot during his rookie training camp, was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month in October, and selected as a consensus pick for multiple all-rookie teams that year. Jones provided blindside protection for quarterback Warren Moon as the Seahawks topped the NFL in total passing yards that season.

Following the 1999 season, Jones became the first offensive linemen in Seahawks history to be elected to the Pro Bowl. It marked the first of a team-record nine All-Star nods he received in his career.

His level of play continued to escalate and in 2001 he was recognized with his first selection as a first-team All-Pro. Highlights that season included Jones and his line mates opening holes for Shaun Alexander’s 266-yard day that, at the time, was the fourth highest single-game rushing total in league history. Jones earned first-team All-Pro honors five more times (2002, 2004-07).

Seattle possessed what was arguably the NFL’s finest left side at the time with Jones entrenched at tackle alongside perennial Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson. A team leader, Jones was an integral part of Alexander’s MVP season in 2005. Jones helped his running back chalk up a franchise-record and league-high 1,880 yards while establishing the then NFL mark for touchdowns in a season (28) as Seattle led the NFL in scoring with 452 points.

Jones’ team-record 10 playoff starts included the 2005 NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl XL. In all, he played in 180 regular season games during his career. He was a first-team selection of the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 2000s.

Year Team G
1997 Seattle 12
1998 Seattle 16
1999 Seattle 16
2000 Seattle 16
2001 Seattle 16
2002 Seattle 14
2003 Seattle 16
2004 Seattle 16
2005 Seattle 15
2006 Seattle 16
2007 Seattle 15
2008 Seattle 12
Career Total 180

Championship Games

2005 NFCSeattle Seahawks 34, Carolina Panthers 14
Jones started at left tackle.

Super Bowls

Super Bowl XL – Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10
Jones started at left tackle.




All-Pro: 2001 (AP) • 2002 (PFWA) • 2004 (AP, PFWA, SN) • 2005 (AP, PFWA, SN) • 2006 (PFWA, SN) • 2007 (AP, PFWA, SN)

All-Pro Second Team: 2006 (AP) • 2008 (AP)

All-AFC: 2001 (PW)

All-NFC: 2002 (PW) • 2003 (PW) • 2004 (PW) • 2005 (PW) • 2006 (PW) • 2007 (PW)





(9) – 2000, 2002, 2003*, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008*, 2009*



*Did not play

Seahawks records held by Jones
(Records through the 2008 season, Jones' final season with Seattle)

• [2nd] Most Games Started, Career – 180

Postseason Records

• [1st] Most Games Played, Career – 10
• [1st] Most Games Started, Career – 10

• NFL All-Decade Team of 2000s

Year Team W L T Division Finish
1997 Seattle Seahawks 8 8 0 (3rd)
1998 Seattle Seahawks 8 8 0 (3rd)
1999 Seattle Seahawks 9 7 0 (1st)
2000 Seattle Seahawks 6 10 0 (4th)
2001 Seattle Seahawks 9 7 0 (2nd)
2002 Seattle Seahawks 7 9 0 (3rd)
2003 Seattle Seahawks 10 6 0 (2nd)
2004 Seattle Seahawks 9 7 0 (1st)
2005 Seattle Seahawks 13 3 0 (1st)
2006 Seattle Seahawks 9 7 0 (1st)
2007 Seattle Seahawks 10 6 0 (1st)
2008 Seattle Seahawks 4 12 0 (3rd)
Qualified for Postseason in Bold

Full Name: Walter Junior Jones

Birthdate: January 19, 1974

Birthplace: Aliceville, Alabama

High School: Aliceville (AL)

Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame: February 1, 2014

Enshrined into Pro Football Hall of Fame: August 2, 2014

Other Members of Class of 2014: Derrick Brooks, Ray Guy, Claude Humphrey, Andre Reed, Michael Strahan, Aeneas Williams

Pro Career: 12 seasons, 180 games

Drafted: 1st round (6th player overall) in 1997 by Seattle Seahawks

Pro Football Hall of Fame Field
August 2, 2014



Wow, thank you, Son, for that wonderful introduction.  I am truly blessed.  To my fellow Hall of Famers, I am so honored to wear this gold jacket, No. 284 of 287.  I'll wear it with pride, and I promise to respect all it represents as long as I live. 

It's an honor to join Steve Largent and Cortez Kennedy.  As the third player to represent the Seahawks franchise and the 12th Man. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been thinking about this day ever since Cortez came into this enshrinement two years ago.  Walter Jones, you're next. 

Steve, you have set the standard for all Seahawks to follow.  And Cortez, you showed us all what it's like to be a professional and a real Hall of Famer.  To you both, I plan to pay your graciousness forward.  Believe me, I have an attitude of gratitude for so many people who helped me become who I am, and today I want to share with you who I am. 

I grew up in Aliceville, Alabama.  The seventh of eight kids and the fourth son to a wonderful woman.  My family means the world to me.  We may not have had much, but Mom always made sure we had everything we needed.  With eight kids, that can be tough.  Occasionally the power would go out or we might not have enough food in the morning.  But understand something, we were never in the dark and never went to bed hungry.  That is a true testament to my mother Earline Jones. 

Mama, I love you.  Thank you for all your hard work, determination, and perseverance.  No matter how tough things got, you treated us the right way.  Mama, I remember many nights hearing you cry and pray.  Now as I stand here, I can say that prayer does have the power of change.  You always supported me and the decisions I made.  Speaking for the rest of my siblings, you should take such pride in the family you raised.  You're the real Hall of Famer.  You set such an example for your kids and grandkids.  We all love you so much.  Thank you. 

To my brothers and sisters, you all have been so important to me.  I love you.  To my oldest sister, Beverly, thank you for the gifts and the big sister love.  I do remember, you've always been there.  To my oldest brother, Cornelius, you are the father figure in my life.  Thanks for taking care of us when Mom was working those long hours. 

To Gwen, the party starter.  You kept me up to all the great music when I was young.  You were so cool.  When you would break curfew, I was the one that unlocked the door.  Sorry, Mom. 

To Danny, the first to leave the nest and go off and join the Army, thank you.  You showed me you could leave Aliceville and become something.  Like all the men and women who serve our country, you are a true hero. 

To Valeria, you are the true spirit of Mom.  You kept us together and sometimes apart, but that's what makes you special.  Love you. 

To Tony, thank you for just being my brother and making sure your baby brother was okay.  Love you, man. 

And to my baby sister, Tanya, thank you for the “I just called to say I love you” calls.  I'm always here for you, Sis.  To my kids, Walterius and Waleria, I love you so much, and I'm so proud of the beautiful young people you've become.  Walterius, I'm so proud to be representing you today.  You've been by my side throughout this process, and I'm so glad we shared this. 

Waleria, my beautiful daughter, you're my baby girl, and Daddy is always there for you.  I told you I was going to give you a shout out.  So everyone watching tonight, go follow my daughter on Instagram.  Love you. 

To Valeria, my ex wife and the mother of our kids.  I just want to say you've been strong through it all.  You've become a friend that truly knows me.  We've been through it, but we made it.  Thank you. 

My stepson Randal, Kensal, and Rafael, I love you all very much. 

To the rest of my family and friends, thank you for your love and support. 

To my family members who have passed but are with us today in spirit, Amanda Connor, Grandma, my granddad, the original Walter Jones, and my grandmother, Vernon Jones who we lovingly call "Muh Dear." 

I spent many a summers with my grandparents.  Muh Dear kept the sweet tea flowing, and left me with some great family memories.  Granddad had a strong work ethic which he instilled in me, and I know I've done him proud.  I helped him with the chores and in the garden.  But he always left us enough time to be kids and enjoy the summer. 

Wayne Jones was like a brother to me.  I loved summers with him.  I learned from them that if you want it, you can get it, and nothing comes between family.  We love family no matter what.  My football journey began in Aliceville High School, as an oversized ninth grader.  Coach Pierce McIntosh approached me and asked me have you ever played football or thought about playing?  Which I hadn't.  He immediately took me to the fields. Afterwards, I said, what do you think?  He said, I think you're a million dollars walking around broke.  Coach, you saw something in me that I didn't see in myself.  You pushed me and believed in me.  You came along at a perfect time in my life.  You taught me discipline and work ethic.  Your motto, better is possible, and good is not enough.  Everything I learned from you in high school, I used in my pro career.  I hope I made you proud.  Thank you. 

Also, I want to give a special mention to Miss McIntosh.  Miss Mac, thank you for always being there for me. 

To French Camp Academy, the school that allowed me to continue my studies and graduate in high school and continue my football journey.  If not for this wonderful school, I wouldn't be standing here tonight.  Coach Robert Poole and Glen Davis and Holmes Community College.  I am so glad I passed the eyeball test.  You were my home away from home.  Thank you for my first college football experience. 

To my alma mater, Florida State and Coach Bobby Bowden, thank you for the experience and the opportunity to play Division 1 football with some of the greatest athletes.  I am forever grateful.  Go Noles. 

I had three head coaches in the NFL.  Dennis Erickson, Jim Mora, and Mike Holmgren.  Thank you for your support and leadership.  You all had a tremendous impact on me. 

Coach Holmgren, you'll be standing up here one day.  Thank you for bringing success to the northwest.  Whatever you told us, we believed, and everybody followed your lead.  Randy Mueller and Mickey Loomis drafted me and forever changed my life.  A special shout out to Mike Reinfeldt for all those contract battles you made with my agent Roosevelt Barnes.  Being franchised really helped define my character and my career.  Missing training camp wasn't bad either. 

Roosevelt, thanks for believing in me, looking out for me, and keeping me grounded and focused.  You told me to handle my business on the field and you would take care of the rest.  You began as my agent, but ended up my brother. 

To Shelly Schmidt, the assistant of all assistants.  You have been nothing but wonderful.  Thank you.  My teammates and their friendships have been such a huge part of my success.  In 1997, my rookie year, I watched guys like Joey Galloway, Sam Adams, Kevin Mawae, Winston Moss, Phillip Daniels, Chad Brown, and Willie Williams.  I learned so much from these guys. 

Thanks to all the running backs I blocked for during my career, Shaun Alexander, Mack Strong, Ricky Watters, Chris Warren, and Lamar Smith, and the great quarterbacks, John Kinta, John Friesz, Warren Moon, Brock Huard, Trent Dilfer, and Matt Hasselbeck. 

Matt, I'm sorry I slapped you at training camp (laughing).  But because I protect the quarterbacks, I have the right to slap the quarterbacks (laughing). You got mad at the O line.  Love you too.  You got mad at O line was having fun the last night of camp and slammed your door, so it was your fault and Robbie's.  Trent Dilfer, thanks for mentioning my name on TV. 

To the guys I blocked with, went to battle with, to this day our relationships mean so much.  Howard "House" Ballard, you taught me the ropes when I first came into the league.  Robbie Tobeck, a special friend and leader.  Thanks for the Sopranos and cigars.  A true warrior and as tough as they come. 

Sean Locklear for holding down the other side in my position while I was missing camp.  I take great pride in that line.  It was one of the best. 

Steve Hutchinson, I really enjoyed playing next to you.  What a great player.  We were a pretty tough combo.  Hutch, I promise there won't be any ceasar salads at the party tonight.  That's an inside joke.  But the camaraderie and special memories with my teammates are what I miss most. 

To the other left guards I played with, I loved playing with you all.  Pete Kendall, a true student and coach on the field.  Thanks for making my rookie year easy, Rob Sims, Mike Wahle, Floyd Womack, and Chris Spencer, thank you. 

I also got a chance to learn the importance of preparation from two Hall of Famers, Warren Moon and Jerry Rice.  To all my O line coaches, thank you.  Howard Mudd, thanks for believing that I was the guy and giving me the left tackle spot from day one.  Tom Lovat, thanks for making the game so easy.  You're a great teacher.  To Mike Solari, so sorry I didn't get a chance to work with you more, but it would have been fun. 

To all the NFL tackles that came before me.  Guys like Jonathan Ogden, Erik Williams, Orlando Pace, Willie Roaf, Jackie Slater, Art Shell, and Tony Boselli, it was an honor to watch you guys.  Thanks for paving the way.  A special thanks to the legendary Anthony Muñoz.  In high school Coach Mac gave me a video of offensive line drills.  After watching that video and witnessing the greatness that is Anthony Muñoz.  It inspired me to be on the O line.  I realized then that athletes could be on the O line.  I'd also like to recognize former Seahawk great, Kenny Easley.  I believe he is deserving of a place within these hallowed walls of the Hall of Fame. 

Thank you, Paul Allen.  What a great team owner.  The Seattle Seahawks is a truly special organization.  As most of you learned this past season, from top to bottom it is ruled with ethics that transcends from the front office, to the equipment room, to the coaching staff, and the training and medical staff, and ultimately from the owners to the fans.  Thank you Pete Carroll, John Schneider, and Peter McLoughlin, for always welcoming me back to the VMAC training facility.  And to the best equipment guy in the league, Erik Kennedy.  Thanks to you and your staff past and present for taking care of me.  EK, I am honored to call you a friend.  To the Seattle media, thank you.  I've enjoyed every interview, seriously.  You were always fair to me and appreciate the role of what we do. 

Thank you Mike Sando for presenting me to the Hall of Fame, though I didn't need any help (laughing).  Seriously, all of the news organizations for keeping me relevant, it's been a great ride. 

To the 12th Man, what a wonderful group of fans.  I truly loved playing for you all, and training with you last season and always representing the 12.  You complete the organization.  Every Seahawk fan, I appreciate you.  To the Hall of Fame and its wonderful staff, Dave Baker and Tammy Owens, thank you for preparing me for this weekend and taking care of me and my family. 

A special thanks to Suzanne Lavender, Julie Barber, Shelly Schmidt, and Party 411 for helping me plan this special occasion.  Oh, oh, sorry about that. 

Football has been a blessing.  It has changed my life and those around me.  It is a bond that keeps a family together, and provided opportunities where there was just inspiration and determination.  The thing I've learned along this incredible journey, I'm not only cheering for the rest of my life, but pass it on to anyone that loves the game.  Thank you, go Seahawks, and I love Seattle.