Before the Snap


"Before the Snap"

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Youth and Education team is proud to offer a Live Webinar program called “Before the Snap” that is focused on gaining an insight to professional careers in and around the NFL. This program will give learners in high school, college and beyond the chance to interact in a live Q/A program format with an industry expert. Fans see the final product on Sundays during the game – but we want to highlight the work that goes into making that product flawless, the work done Monday-Saturday and on game day.


Program Schedule

Date of Session Time Industry Professional How to Watch
9/30/22 Noon ET Caroline Palmer (Youth and Community Engagement Manager), Tennessee Titans Watch Live on YouTube
10/7/22 Noon ET Daniel Levy (Youth Football and Community Relations Manager), Philadelphia Eagles Watch Live on YouTube
10/21/22 Noon ET Zrinka Allen (Chief People Officer), Pro Football Hall of Fame Watch Live on YouTube
10/28/22 Noon ET Karlie Smith (CAA Reporter and freelance broadcaster), Colonial Athletic Association Watch Live on YouTube
11/4/22 Noon ET Jeremy Schutte (Community Impact Assistant), Tennessee Titans Watch Live on YouTube
11/11/22 Noon ET Romie Graham (Manager of Youth Football), Cleveland Browns Watch Live on YouTube
12/2/22 Noon ET Linda Cohn (SportsCenter Anchor, In the Crease Host), ESPN Watch Live on YouTube
12/9/22 Noon ET Monterae Carter (Vikings Foundation Programs Manager), Minnesota Vikings Watch Live on YouTube
1/20/23 Noon ET Taylor Abbott (Black College Football Hall of Fame Liaison), Pro Football Hall of Fame Watch Live on YouTube
1/27/23 Noon ET Ryan Fencl (Football Outreach Manager) & Amanda Wery (Community Outreach Manager), Green Bay Packers Watch Live on YouTube
2/3/23 Noon ET Haley Schaafsma (Manager, Special Events), Tennessee Titans Watch Live on YouTube
2/10/23 Noon ET Maria Rodriguez (International Content Manager), Pittsburgh Steelers Watch Live on YouTube
2/24/23 Noon ET Carly Pennacchia (Community Relations Manager), Philadelphia Eagles Watch Live on YouTube
3/2/23 Noon ET Clint Fetty (Vice President and General Manager), Hall of Fame Village Sports Watch Live on YouTube
3/24/23 Noon ET Alex Farkas (Lead Editor, Creative Branding), Los Angeles Chargers Watch Live on YouTube
3/31/23 Noon ET Jacques McClendon (Director of Football Affairs), Los Angeles Rams Watch Live on YouTube
4/07/23 Noon ET Taylor Garner (Communications Coordinator), Minnesota Vikings Watch Live on YouTube
4/21/23 Noon ET Hannah Lee (Youth Football Coordinator), Cleveland Browns Watch Live on YouTube





Program Testimonials


Zach (University of Nebraska)

“I wanted to let you know . . . I have recently accepted a position with the Kansas City Chiefs as a Community Outreach Seasonal Assistant! I do not think I would have gotten this position had it not been for the opportunity to ask [her] questions during Before the Snap and connect with her on LinkedIn after. I want to thank you two and everyone else at the Hall of Fame for all the work you do to put that program on.”


Marcus (Boise State University)

“Before the Snap is an awesome program for someone like myself, a college student with a goal of working in sports. The Youth and Education Team at the Hall of Fame has done a great job inviting professionals from many different backgrounds to share on their experiences and the path they took to where they are working in sports today. If you are looking for growth, contacts, and a teaching lesson from some of the best in their craft then this is a program you ought to look into.”


Joey (University of Michigan)

“As a Sport Management major, Before the Snap is a regular listen of mine because it is loaded with incredible advice provided by so many leaders in the football industry. If you want to prepare yourself for a groundbreaking career involving sports, or just your professional life in general, I highly recommend this weekly program from the Hall of Fame!”



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