Visual Edge IT Get Fit Training Camp presented by Panini

Our 16th annual Visual Edge IT Get-Fit Training Camp presented by Panini is scheduled for the weeks of May 6–10 and May 13–17

Visual Edge IT Get-Fit Training Camp presented by Panini will be taking place on the campus of Hall of Fame Village right next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Once again, this program is for all skill levels and is a mass movement, basic football drill event for students in grades K-8. Using drills like those in NFL training camps, students will learn some of the basic skills it takes to play the game. All drills are facilitated by local high school football players, college football players, YMCA staff and HOF staff. 

There will be two sessions every day and for each session there will be approximately 300 spots available for students. One will begin at 10 a.m. and the other will start at 11:30 a.m. and while you are here there is an opportunity for you and your students to tour the Hall. The cost is $100 per school (regardless of the number of students that you bring) and this includes your participation in the camp session and the opportunity to tour the Hall.

For more information contact our Youth, Education & Leadership Team at [email protected]