A Game for Life

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has a long tradition in football coaching and education excellence. After years of development, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, with the National Football League and Hall of Famers Tony Dungy, Anthony Muñoz, Dave Robinson and others, has created a free, exclusive and comprehensive online “Playbook” that gives coaches the best and easiest to use, teaching methods to help them win the hearts of their players, on the field and in their lives after football. The Values of the Game - Commitment, Integrity, Courage, Respect and Excellence - have been the core principles of the Hall of Fame for over half a century and now are available in A Game for Life Academy Coach’s Playbook.

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A Game for Life Academy was founded by the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017. Designed to take a multi-disciplinary approach to football teaching and education, the Academy consists of the following initiatives:


  • Coach’s Playbook: The Pro Football hall of Fame has teamed up with legends of the Game to launch an online training platform that instructs coaches, students and parents on the values of the Game aimed to encourage lives of virtue and positive community impact. A Game For Life Coach’s Playbook is more than Xs and Os, but gleans life lessons from football greats to equip the next generation on and off the field.


  • Repository for Excellence: The Repository for EXCELLENCE is the home for all research and resources relating to the game.  The Repository will be accessible on demand via our website and will be additionally delivered through programming that is directed by the Academy. The Repository is an extension of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s digitization effort and will house digital books, articles, videos and interactive resources for coaches, parents and students and student athletes. It is a home for best practices and cutting-edge research for safety, new technology and behavioral psychology.


  • Links to Legends: The Pro Football Hall of Fame has reach across the country and around the world. Hall of Famers and Legends of the game offer character development opportunities and camps in almost every region of the country. General details will be listed with connectivity to the respective websites for additional information.


  • Gold Laces: The Gold Laces program is a 30-minute interactive presentation about the Values of the Game.  All athletes that attend a tournament at the National Youth and Sports Complex will share in character educational programming and receive A Game for Life Branded Gold Laces to showcase their commitment to “living a life of character.”


  • A Game for Life World Championship Tournament: The Pro Football Hall of Fame & Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy host the largest youth football championship event in the world. For teams of all age groups from everywhere in America and across the globe – who want to prove they are the best compete the World Youth Football Championship - the Little League World Series of Youth Football.


  • A Game for Life Youth and Education Department: The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Youth & Education Programs aim to inspire young people to achieve Hall of Fame success on and off the field. These award-winning programs are not only designed to engage and educate young people on the rich tradition of professional football but to teach them the positive Character Values of this game by celebrating excellence achieved by the heroes of the Game.


For all inquiries and questions regarding A Game for Life Academy please contact Hall of Fame staff: GameforLife@ProFootballHOF.com