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"I always wanted to take an organization and make it the best in sports. I admired the New York Yankees of George Weiss for their power, intimidation, fear, and big people. I admired the Brooklyn Dodgers under Branch Rickey for their speed and player development. I felt there was no reason the two approaches couldn’t be combined into one powerful organization.”

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(Syracuse)...0'0'', ...Allen Davis ... As AFL commissioner, forced quick merger with NFL, 1966 ... Davis-led Raiders had best record in pro sports, 1963-1991, won Super Bowls XI, XV, XVIII ... AFL Coach of the Year, 1963 ... Only person to serve in pros as personnel assistant, scout, assistant coach, head coach, general manager, commissioner, team owner/chief executive officer ... Born July 4, 1929, in Brockton, Massachusetts ... Died October 8, 2011, at age of 82.