Art Rooney


“The Chief”

Art Rooney

50 seasons
4 Super Bowl titles




Super Bowl titles
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"I didn’t like losing games and I didn’t like losing money. But I’ll tell you from the bottom of my heart: whatever I lost in money I was lucky to be able to lose it. I’d pay to lose it…to keep in this game. I love it that much.”

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(Georgetown)...Arthur Joseph Rooney, Sr. . .One of the most revered of all sports personalities. . .Bought new Pittsburgh Pirates franchise for $2,500 in 1933. . .Renamed team Steelers in 1940. . .His faith in pro football a guiding light during the dark depression years. . . Startled NFL with $15,000 signing of fabled Whizzer White in 1938. . .Organized, operated western Pennsylvania semi-pro grid teams before 1933. . . Born January 27, 1901, in Coulterville, Pennsylvania. . .Died August 25, 1988, at age of 87.