American Pie Actor Visits Canton

American Pie Actor Visits Canton

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Actor and musician Thomas Ian Nicholas, best known for his starring roles in “Rookie of the Year” and the American Pie series, surprised members of his band with a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He travels all over the world, but has never been to a sports Hall of Fame. Nicholas and his band, the Thomas Ian Nicholas Band, received a special behind-the-scenes tour and learned about the history of the game.

“As we were walking around and learning about some of the early history of football – in my mind I just kept thinking ‘Leatherheads’ and George Clooney. It can’t get much more popular than that. You got George Clooney sort of unleashing what is a big part of the Hall of Fame here,” commented Nicholas.

During his tour he explained how music plays an important role in football.

“I think music plays an important role in everything. It’s one of those things where in any sort of moment you can hear a song and it can bring you back to a time. You hear those theme songs that football has and you’re just taken right there to your favorite game.”

Nicholas also talked about the possibility of another American Pie movie. Check out the video below and see what he had to say about American Pie 5.  

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