Joe Greene picks Week 6 games


THIS WEEK’S HALL OF FAMER: Joe Greene, Class of 1987
Nicknamed “Mean Joe,” Greene was a dominating force as a defensive tackle on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ vaunted “Steel Curtain” defense. Twice named the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year, Greene was named to 10 Pro Bowls during his career from 1969-1981.

Today, Joe resides in Texas where and works for the Steelers’ personnel department as a scout. He’s on the road scouting college teams most of the time but also does some of the pro teams as well.

Joe’s “Hall of Fame” picks of the week.

Bronzed Bust
Cleveland at Pittsburgh. This may not be the best game of the weekend for everybody but it’s the best game for me. It could be a long week for Cleveland. But, hey, this is the NFL and any week any team can win. Games are won or lost in the fourth quarter. Pittsburgh has shown some vulnerability, especially in the fourth quarter so far this season. We’ve let lesser teams beat us in the fourth quarter. And, even last week against Detroit, it took sacks on three straight plays to put out the Lions threat.

Right now, no one’s saying anything good about Cleveland but you never know. Steelers-Browns games have always been competitive despite the records going into them. But, I’m hopeful the best team will win this week and that’s Pittsburgh. So, I’m going with my Steelers.

{GALLERY}Gold Jacket
Baltimore at Minnesota. There’s going to be a lot of intrigue in this one. How will Baltimore’s defense stop Minnesota’s offense? How will the Ravens offense do against the Vikings defense, especially its D-line. The Ravens’ offensive line is pretty good so I think you’ll see some neutralization there. The Ravens are coming off two straight defeats and will be chomping at the bit. That’s the added incentive and I can’t see them dropping three straight. I’m going with an upset and pick Baltimore.

Hall of Fame Ring
New York Giants at New Orleans – This is the sixth week and these two teams are coming together undefeated. The Giants over the past couple of years have proven they’re a good road team. But, each week is a new week and anyone can win on a given week. The Saints are riding high while the Giants weren’t really all that good last week against the Raiders. They haven’t really been tested yet. Their biggest test has been the Dallas Cowboys when Dallas opened its new stadium. The Giants had a good win in Dallas but the Cowboys offense served them up pretty good.

Add to it Eli Manning is nursing that injury that will prevent him from moving and adjusting in the pocket. He didn’t need to do that last week but will this weekend. The Saints have been on a roll. They’re offense is hot and the defense is playing much better than last year. So, I’m picking the Saints in this one.

Here’s who else I think is going to win this weekend.
Jaguars over the Rams
Redskins will beat Kansas City
I like the Texans over the Bengals
Lions to beat the Packers
Panthers over the Bucs
Cardinals will beat Seattle
Eagles should win in Oakland
The Jets at home against Buffalo
It might depend who’s at QB for the Titans but I’m still taking New England
Atlanta will beat the Bears
And I’m looking for the Chargers to hand the Broncos their first loss

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