Hall of Fame worthy?


You can hardly make it through a NFL game on television without having an announcer use the line, “he’s a future Hall of Famer” or “he’s on his way to Canton.”

Over the years of working at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I’ve had the privilege to be a part of many conversations with enshrinees of this hallowed hall. One thing that has always struck me is how humbled most are to have received their sport’s highest honor. It is because of this humility, rarely will an individual ever take for granted that they are worthy of being enshrined. Even those players or coaches you’d call a “lock” will fear jinxing the possibility by ever really talking about it before it actually happens.

{GALLERY}But, as fans, we relish the opportunity to share our thoughts on whether a player, coach or other individuals are worthy of a bust in Canton. Talk to any Broncos fan about Karl Mecklenburg or Terrell Davis. Go ahead and tell a Bears fan that Richard Dent shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. And, while you’re at it, why don’t you seek out a Raiders fan and tell him or her how happy you are that Ray Guy hasn’t been enshrined yet!

Okay, am I striking a nerve with you yet? Well, let me tell you that our 44-person Board of Selectors is in the final stages of evaluating all 131 preliminary nominees for the Class of 2010. On Thanksgiving Weekend, that group will trim the list to 25 semifinalists.

So, have been doing your homework? This season, for the first time ever, we are letting fans just like you debate the merits of our nominees. Thanks to our friends at JCPenny/Van Heusen, we are excited to give you a platform where you can not only voice your choice by engaging in the discussion but you can also cast your vote!

I ask all the Raiders fans, are you really satisfied that punter Ray Guy currently stands at No. 6 in the voting on the site. What about all the Cowboys fans who are often times claim that there is a bias against their team. Are you going to just watch Tony Romo and Austin Miles each week and ignore the fact that Ed “Too Tall” Jones ranks 18th in the fan voting?

Calling all Broncos fans….you know that Floyd Little will be part of the finalists this year since he’s one of the two senior nominees already selected. But, what about Terrell Davis? Have you finally succumbed and now agree with those critics who say his career was too short? Well, apparently you have, since he is No. 29 in the fan voting!

Enough of my “locker room” speech. Get out there and vote. Visit the Voice your Choice site now and cast your vote for your favorite nominees for the Class of 2010!

www.jcp.com/fans  or  www.Fanschoice.com


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