Road teams return to former homes


Today, I turned my focus from last weekend’s games to the upcoming schedule on tap in the NFL in Week 11. As I perused the schedule, three games in particular jumped out at me. That’s because the Colts, Cardinals, and Titans all play games on the road in the cities where they used to reside.

Indianapolis returns to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. The Colts were born in Baltimore in 1953 before relocating to the Hoosier state in 1984. This relocation draws, by far, the most passion from fans. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when I attended the 39th Annual International Sports Heritage Association (ISHA) Conference in Baltimore. It was hosted by the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum/Sports Legends at Camden Yards. By the way, that’s a must see next time you’re in Baltimore. Sports Legends had a terrific exhibit about the Baltimore Colts. The city has so much pride and even though the Colts left town more than a quarter century again, it’s quite apparent the loss still stings today. I’m always amazed at the debate that still surrounds the Colts franchise and how so many in Baltimore agonize that the franchise left the city.

While the Ravens winning sure cures some of what ails the older football fan in Baltimore; the cities of St. Louis and Houston seem to have had a less traumatic recovery from losing its NFL team. Both cities seem fully entrenched in following the Rams and Texans respectively. I suspect a smaller percentage of fans sitting in Edward Jones Dome or Reliant Stadium will carry the same venom toward their opponent this weekend than those watching the Colts battle the Ravens at M&T Stadium.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

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