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A Heisman Trophy winner from Pitt, Tony Dorsett was the Cowboys’ first-round draft pick in 1977. He was an instant star. By the time retired after 11 seasons with the Cowboys and one final year in a Denver Broncos uniform, he had rushed for 12,739 yards and also added 398 catches for 3,554 yards. He holds the unbreakable mark of the longest run (99 yards) in NFL history.

Today, Tony is the Vice President of Triton Financial which buys distressed properties and turns them into desirable properties before reselling. He also is in the credit card processing industry.  In addition to his post-playing career, Tony has been busy raising his children. In fact, just yesterday his one daughter signed on with a basketball scholarship at Oklahoma State.

Tony remains a big-time Cowboys fan and is a season ticket holder in Dallas.


Tony’s “Hall of Fame” picks of the week.

Bronzed Bust
{GALLERY}Dallas at Green Bay. Well obviously, the best game of the week is my Cowboys going up to Green Bay to take on the Packers. One of these two teams are going to be fighting for the top spot in the NFC. I think one of them will be going against New Orleans. I’m taking Dallas this weekend.

Gold Jacket
New England at Indianapolis. This game is going to be a real barn burner. You have two of the best quarterbacks going at it and of course they’ll be a lot of interest in that. In the end, I’m going with Indy.

Hall of Fame Ring
Chicago at San Francisco. I like this game on Thursday night just because of Mike Singletary going up against the team that made him such a great player that he was. There’s going to be a lot of attention on that fact. I think he’s doing a fine job in San Francisco. Both of these teams need to win. I wouldn’t say it’s a “must win” for Chicago or San Fran but it’ll be a big win for one of these teams

Now, let me run down the rest of the games for Week 10. Here’s who I like to come away with wins.

Vikings over Detroit
I’m taking Denver to win in Washington
Steel-town baby! Of course, I’m going with the Steelers over the Bengals.
Atlanta will beat Carolina
Miami in a close one over Tampa Bay
New Orleans keeps it going with a win against the Rams.
This is a tough one but I’ll take Jacksonville to beat the Jets
Tennessee over Buffalo
Hmmm…..okay, I’ll take Kansas City to beat Oakland.
Cardinals over Seattle
Philly in a tight one at San Diego
And, the Ravens on Monday night over the Browns in Cleveland

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