What a great idea!


If you’re among the nearly 5,000 who are fans of the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Facebook then you already know what our page looks like. If you’re not, then go ahead and become a fan. You’ll find us at www.Facebook.com/ProFootballHOF.

{GALLERY}The page gives us a good pulse on what football fans want from us. A comment posted on our wall yesterday gave us a great idea for a story today on Profootballhof.com. Many football fans heard on Sunday about how Ted Ginn made history by returning a pair of kickoffs for TDs. But, lost among the many highlights were the specific details around his amazing day against the Jets.

So, we thought we’d test our fans with a daily trivia question posted on our Facebook page. It asked who was the last player to return two kickoffs for touchdowns in the same game. The answers from our fans varied. We posted the answer later in the afternoon. Then, one fan shared that he knew the answer but was wondering if Mel Gray or Eric Metcalf had ever done it.

It became quite evident that the rare accomplishment needed documented. So, if you go to today’s story, you’ll get the full details around the eight players in NFL history who’ve returned two touchdowns in the same game.

One simple posting on our Facebook page reminds us as well as you that the more engaged you become with us – whether through Facebook or on Twitter, or by commenting on my blog – the more we can give you what you want!

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