No. 3: Not taking it for "Grant"ed


One week from today the Class of 2011 joins the most elite fraternity when they’re officially enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. With their induction, our total membership grows to 267. Included in that number are 22 coaches who’ve earned bronze busts.

One of them is long-time Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant. One of the first things that come to mind when I think of Grant is how he wouldn’t let his players have heated benches during those frigid games in Metropolitan Stadium. He did so because the rules stipulated whatever is provided to the home team must also be furnished to the visiting sideline. So, as it if wasn’t bad enough facing a tough Vikings team, opponents also had to battle the elements.

Grant is a tough, stoic man who pushed his players to great success. After all, he led them to 11 division titles and four Super Bowls. So, this clip below ranks among the most touching moments I’ve seen during an Enshrinement speech when the emotion of the moment even overtook someone like Bud Grant.

Of course, he had the wherewithal to regain his composure and wrap up his delivery with some of his trademarked dry wit. It remains one of my favorite closing lines to an enshrinement speech.

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