The Legend of Jack Youngblood


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This week I offer a special edition of my blog that I present in audio fashion. I spent more than 20 minutes talking with Hall of Fame defensive end Jack Youngblood. Aside from being one of the toughest players ever to play this game, he’s just a terrific guy and a great supporter of all we do in Canton. He also has a new book out about his life.

We chatted about the book and he shared some great stories from his life and a most memorable NFL career. You’ll hear everything from a traumatic moment that occurred on his 10th birthday to what it feels like to play in a championship game and the Super Bowl with a broken leg.

So, go ahead and hit the play button, put the window in the background, and give it a listen as you continue on with your day.


Some highlights from my interview with Jack.

2:55 … I explain why I keep offering a dollar to him throughout the interview
4:10 … I ask Jack about the tragedy that occurred on his 10th birthday.
9:45 … Players today don’t have draft stories like this.
19:05 … He learned he had been elected to the Hall on the day after his 51st birthday

Hall of Fame Store – “Because It was Sunday. The Legend of Jack Younglood.” >>>>

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Let me know if you enjoyed this interview. Who knows, we may just start adding podcasts for you to download and take with you! But, first we need some feedback. So, go ahead and add your comment.

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