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One thing I love about working at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Store is that I have gift ideas right at my fingertips. It's a good thing that so many people have a passion for football, because it makes it easy to buy a gift they will like. As we move closer to Christmas I find that in general there are three types of shoppers. The first shops for gifts all year long, the second starts shopping on Black Friday, and then the third hasn't even started yet, because they wait until a day or two before Christmas. Like me and most other people, you probably fall into the second or third category which means you could use some help finishing up or giving you a head start on your shopping.

Kids love having something that they can play with, sleep with, bring on a trip, or take to Grandma's house. The team pillow pet is the perfect gift for them. It Velcros together so the child can play with it like a normal stuffed animal. When you undo the Velcro, it becomes a pillow that the child can sleep with. I think this makes for a great item to take on a long trip, because you have both a toy and a pillow in one! The Hall of Fame even has the Green Bay Packers polar bear, which is what my girlfriend's teenage sister begged for (I wonder which boy talked her into liking that team). No matter if your child is 3 or 17, they should be very excited about receiving their very own pillow pet to watch their favorite team.

I have learned this about women (and I don't claim to know much): most of them love jewelry or they are continuously cold. As long as your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandma, aunt, or sister has an interest in football, then the Hall of Fame Store has gifts to satisfy them. We have plush blankets, throws, and team huddler blankets (aka "snuggies"). We also carry an assortment of team jewelry, including crystal bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. The women of your life can support their favorite team, while still looking classy!

Any sideline apparel is a great idea for the men in your life. I know a lot of men like to wear the same items as their favorite players do on the sidelines. Two of the most popular items this Christmas season have been the teamsecond season knit visor hat or the coaches sideline hat. If you are looking for something to wow the guy in your life you will want to check out our extensive collection of collectible items for sale. The Hall of Fame autographed mini helmet has been one of the most sought after collectible of the year. We havemini helmets signed by legends such as Dan Marino, Franco Harris, Howie Long, and Bart Starr, just to name a few.

Finally, if you don't have a clue what to buy, you are just lazy, or you are just a terrible gift getter... don't worry, we have the stocking stuffer for you! You can just pick up a Hall of Fame gift cardand let your family and friends decide on the fan gear they want. Unfortunately for me, as luck would have it I am not lucky enough to have a die-hard NFL loving girlfriend. So I'll have to scour the shopping malls for gifts that are non-sports related (i.e. jewelry or something to keep her warm), probably right up to the buzzer.

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