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If you were like millions of other Americans last Sunday night, you capped your Christmas day by watching the Green Bay Packers take care of the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football. Even if you happened to miss the game, you surely by now have seen what is being called the “sign of the year.”

Just before halftime, a NBC camera got a shot of a Packers fan who held up a sign that read, “MY CHEATING EX BOYFRIEND IS WATCHING FROM COUCH INSTEAD.” She got to enjoy the game live at Lambeau while her “ex” missed out on the opportunity.

Well, this Sunday I will be relegated to the couch also. And, no I didn’t cheat on my wife to get this chance. Rather, it comes with the territory of working at the Hall of Fame. I often tell people that one of the greatest perks of my job is sitting in the living room and watching football on Sunday and telling my family, “ssshhhh, I’m working!”

As is the case every year, it seems like Kickoff Weekend was just last week. Yet, another unbelievably exciting NFL season is nearing an end. It’s been a great year with so many memorable moments. And to cap off the regular season, it comes down to a great slate of games filled with playoff implications.

It’s going to be a great Sunday in my house. I’ll be glued to the couch watching all of the action. And, who knows my wife might just grab a seat next to her faithful husband.

Enjoy Week 17.

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