Will the real Jonathan Ogden please stand up?


Many members of the newly elected Class of 2013 have traveled to Canton over the past month or so for a site survey in preparation for August’s Enshrinement. As part of their itinerary, the Hall of Famer receives a tour of the museum.

Jonathan Ogden came through on March 22. Strangely, he wasn’t the only person in the building that day with that name. One of the workers on site as part of the Hall of Fame’s massive expansion & renovation project is an electrician by the name of John Ogden. We introduced John to Jonathan and then took this photo of two J.Os.

The “real” Jonathan Ogden was making his second visit to the Hall of Fame. The first came when he traveled to the Hall of Fame in the weeks prior to being drafted as the first pick in Baltimore Ravens history. Ogden, along with wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson and linebacker Kevin Hardy, spent the day at the Hall of Fame. The three prospective high picks (they went 1, 2, and 4 overall) were featured in an ESPN special leading up to the 1996 NFL Draft.

Ogden, in an interview with Profootballhof.com during his recent visit, revealed he didn’t remember much from his first stop at the Hall nearly two decades ago.

So, to refresh his and our memories, here is some footage of J.O. talking with Tom Jackson in the spring of 1996. Thanks to our friends at ESPN for providing the footage.

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