I made it to Ohio!


Joe DeLamielleure is walking to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Golden Anniversary Reunion. His Pounding the Pavement for Prosthetics Walk from Buffalo to Canton is to raise awareness and support for the GRACE’S LAMP organization that deals with young children who grow out of their prosthetic legs but cannot afford the high cost of new adult prosthetic legs. Read story>>> | Support Grace’s Lamp>>>

7:35 p.m.

It was a hot day today but I remain on pace. I'd like to give a special thanks to Eljay, my college teammate and friend for life. He's the one who planned our route and keeps me headed in the right direction safely. I appreciate his companionship on the road. Every day, he walks about five miles with me. He'll park the vehicle about 2 1/2 miles ahead and walks back to me and we walk together back toward the car.

We rewarded ourselves after today's trek with some good ice cream from Cone's in Ashtabula. A special shout out to Mattie who was an excellent salesperson during our visit!

Another special thanks to Franco Harris who sent me some special socks from his company Silver Socks. They're made with silver and are used  by the military. I've been wearing the same pair for five days and they remain dry (and more importantly odor free!). My feet never feel good as they're arthritic but the socks are helping. Thanks Franco!

Franco also checked in on me by phone today as did a number of other Hall of Famers like Dave Wilcox, Thurman Thomas and Dick Butkus.

Butkus kiddingly asked me why it was taking me so long.

Now, I have to tell you, I'm really just a football fan like most of you reading this blog. So, I think it is just the coolest that Dick Butkus is calling me!

I'm just so motivated after getting calls every day. Thanks Thurman, Franco, and Dick and all the others reaching out to me every day. And, thanks to Eric Dickerson for his kind email today.

There are all kinds of angels out here. So many people are coming up and greeting me. Today, a guy came off the golf course around Conneaut to say hello. He played college football with my former teammate Jim Haslett.

I'll keep moving along tomorrow. When you have passion, you can achieve a lot!

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