Celebrating INTEGRITY Everywhere

Celebrating INTEGRITY Everywhere

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame celebrates five core Values – commitment, integrity, courage, respect, and excellence – that are not only necessary to achieve greatness on the football field but are also required to succeed in life.

Those Values are depicted with large photo murals throughout the Hall of Fame. The mural representing “Integrity” features a photo of an NFL Official, Referee Carl Cheffers


Interestingly, the selection of the photo for the larger-than-life sized mural was made just days before the Hall of Fame learned that Cheffers would serve as the crew chief in 2015 NFL/Hall of Fame Game featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in August.  As one might imagine, the 16-year official was quite surprised to see the mural when he toured the Hall of Fame the day before the game.

As soon as Cheffers’ sister, Lynn Holmquist, learned about the “Integrity” mural with the likeness of her brother, she and a few friends booked a trip to Canton.  She arrived at the Hall of Fame on Friday morning after taking a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. Her first stop in the museum was to see the mural.


Carl Cheffers, 16-year NFL official, poses with the HOF’s Integrity mural during the Class of 2015 Enshrinement weekend. Lynn Holmquist (right), Cheffers’ sister, poses next to the mural during a visit in October.


“Officiating is in our family. My dad was an official, Carl is an official and my nephew is an official," Holmquist explained. “Integrity describes all of them and so it’s really meaningful that Carl was chosen for this special picture.”

Holmquist and her friends made a weekend out of the trip and will tour Northeast Ohio with stops at the McKinley Museum and the National First Ladies Library in Canton; and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

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