The 1954 NFL Draft

Bobby Garrett, QB, Stanford

1954 Green Bay Packers (one playing season)
Passing: 143 yards.

The 1954 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Cleveland Browns1 Bobby Garrett QB, Stanford
2 Chicago Cardinals Lamar McHan qb, Arkansas
3 Green Bay Packers Art Hunter t, Notre Dame
4 Green Bay Packers2 Veryl Switzer B, Kansas State
5 Baltimore Colts Cotton Davidson qB, Baylor
6 Chicago Bears Stan Wallace b, Illinois
7 Pittsburgh Steelers Johnny Lattner b, Notre Dame
8 Washington Redskins Steve Meilinger E, Kentucky
9 Philadelphia Eagles Neil Worden b, Notre Dame
10 Los Angeles Rams Ed Beatty c, Mississippi
11 San Francisco 49ers Bernie Faloney b, Maryland
12 Cleveland Browns John Bauer g, Illinois
13 Detroit Lions Dick Chapman t, Rice
  • 1 - Lottery Bonus Pick
    2 - Acquired from the New York Giants