The 1959 NFL Draft

Randy Duncan, QB, Iowa

1961 Dallas Texans (one playing season)
Passing: 361 yards, 1 TD

The 1959 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Green Bay Packers1 Randy Duncan QB, Iowa
2 Los Angeles Rams Dick Bass b, Pacific
3 Chicago Cardinals Billy Stacy B, Mississippi State
4 Washington Redskins Don Allard QB, Boston College
5 San Francisco 49ers Dave Baker QB, Oklahoma
6 Detroit Lions Nick Pietrosante b, Notre Dame
7 Chicago Bears Don Clark B, Ohio State
8 San Francisco 49ers Dan James c, Ohio State
9 Los Angeles Rams Paul Dickson T, Baylor
10 New York Giants Lee Grosscup QB, Utah
11 Cleveland Browns Rich Kreitling e, Illinois
12 Baltimore Colts Jackie Burkettc, Auburn
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