The 1961 NFL Draft

Tommy Mason, HB, Tulane

1961-66 Minnesota Vikings
1967-70 Los Angeles Rams
1971 Washington Redskins (11 playing seasons)
Rushing: 1,040 yards, 32 TDs
Receiving: 2324 yards, 214 receptions, 13 TDs
All-Pro: 1 year
Pro Bowls: 3

The 1961 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Minnesota Vikings Tommy Mason hb, Tulane
2 Washington Redskins1 Norm Snead qb, Wake Forest
3 Washington Redskins Joe Rutgens t, Illinois
4 Los Angeles Rams Marlin McKeever LB, USC
5 Chicago Bears Mike Ditka e, Pittsburgh
6 San Francisco 49ers2 Jimmy Johnson b, UCLA
7 Baltimore Colts Tom Matte hb, Ohio State
8 St. Louis Cardinals Ken Rice t, Auburn
9 San Francisco 49ers Bernie Casey b, Bowling Green
10 Cleveland Browns3 Bobby Crespinoe, Mississippi
11 San Francisco 49ers4 Billy Kilmer b, UCLA
12 Green Bay Packers Herb Adderley b, Michigan State
13 Dallas Cowboys5 Bob Lilly t, TCU
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the Dallas Cowboys
    2 - Pick acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers
    3 - Pick acquired from the Detroit Lions
    4 - Pick acquired from the Baltimore Colts
    5 - Pick acquired from the Cleveland Browns
    6 - Exact order of draft not known. Picks are listed in alphabetical order.