The 1966 NFL Draft

Tommy Nobis, LB, Texas

1966-76 Atlanta Falcons (11 playing seasons)
Interceptions: 12
All-Pro: 2 years
All Conference: 2 years
Pro Bowls: 5

The 1966 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Atlanta Falcons Tommy Nobis lb, Texas
2 Los Angeles Rams Tom Mack T, Michigan
3 Pittsburgh Steelers Dick Leftridge fb, West Virginia
4 Philadelphia Eagles Randy Beisler de, Indiana
5 Dallas Cowboys John Nilandg, Iowa
6 Washington Redskins Charlie Gogolak k, Princeton
7 Minnesota Vikings Jerry Shay T, Purdue
8 St. Louis Cardinals Carl McAdamslb, Oklahoma
9 Green Bay Packers1 Jim Grabowski fb, Illinois
10 New York Giants Francis Peay t, Missouri
11 San Francisco 49ers Stan Hindman T, Mississippi
12 Chicago Bears George Rice T, LSU
13 Green Bay Packers Gale Gillingham T, Minnesota
14 Cleveland Browns Milt Morrin e, Massachusetts
15 Baltimore Colts Sam Ball T, Kentucky
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the Detroit Lions
    2 - As an expansion team, the Dolphins received the first two picks. The rest of the draft order is unknown, teams are listed alphabetically.