The 1968 NFL Draft

Ron Yary, T, USC

1968-81 Minnesota Vikings
1982 Los Angeles Rams (15 total playing seasons)
205 career games
All-Pro: 6 years
All-Conference: 8 years
Pro Bowls: 7
Elected to Hall of Fame in 2001

The 1968 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Minnesota Vikings1 Ron Yary t, USC
2 Cincinnati Bengals Bob Johnson c, Tennessee
3 Atlanta Falcons Claude Humphrey DE, Tennessee State
4 San Diego Chargers2 Russ Washington t, Missouri
5 Green Bay Packers3 Fred Carr LB, Texas-El Paso
6 Boston Patriots Dennis Byrd dT, North Carolina State
7 New Orleans Saints4 Kevin Hardy de, Notre Dame
8 Miami Dolphins Larry Csonka rb, Syracuse
9 Buffalo Bills Haven Moses e, San Diego State
10 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Taylor t, USC
11 Detroit Lions Greg Landry qb, Massachusetts
12 Washington Redskins Jim Smith db, Oregon
13 St. Louis Cardinals MacArthur Lane rb, Utah State
14 Philadelphia Eagles Tim Rossovich de, USC
15 San Franscisco 49ers Forrest Blue c, Auburn
16 Chicago Bears Mike Hull rb, USC
17 New York Jets Lee White rb, Weber State
18 San Diego Chargers Jim Hill db, Texas A&I
19 Kansas City Chiefs Mo Moorman g, Texas
20 Dallas Cowboys Dennis Homan e, Alabama
21 Cleveland Browns Marvin Upshaw de, Trinity
22 Kansas City Chiefs5 George Daney g, Texas-El Paso
23 Baltimore Colts John Williams t, Minnesota
24 Detroit Lions6 Earl McCullouch e, USC
25 Oakland Raiders Eldridge Dickey qb, Tennessee State
26 Green Bay Packers Bill Lueck g, Arizona
27 Miami Dolphins7 Doug Crusan t, Indiana
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the New York Giants
    2 - Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos
    3 - Pick acquired from the New Orleans Saints
    4 - Pick acquired from the Minnesota Vikings
    5 - Pick acquired from the Houston Oilers
    6 - Pick acquired from the Los Angeles Rams
    7 - Pick acquired from the Cincinnati Bengals