The 1989 NFL Draft

Troy Aikman, QB, UCLA

1989-2000 Dallas Cowboys (12 playing seasons)
Passed for 32,942 yards and 165 TDs during his career.
All-Pro: 1 year
Pro Bowls: 6
Elected to Hall of Fame in 2006

The 1989 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Dallas Cowboys Troy Aikman qb, UCLA
2 Green Bay Packers Tony Mandarich T, Michigan State
3 Detroit Lions Barry Sanders rb, Oklahoma State
4 Kansas City Chiefs Derrick Thomas LB, Alabama
5 Atlanta Falcons Deion Sanders dB, Florida State
6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Broderick Thomas lb, Nebraska
7 Pittsburgh Steelers Tim Worleyrb, Georgia
8 San Diego Chargers Burt Grossman DE, Pittsburgh
9 Miami Dolphins Sammie Smith rb, Florida State
10 Phoenix Cardinals Eric Hill lb, Louisiana State
11 Chicago Bears1 Donnell Woolford db, Clemson
12 Chicago Bears2 Trace Armstrong de, Florida
13 Cleveland Browns3 Eric Metcalf rb, Texas
14 New York Jets Jeff Lageman lb, Virginia
15 Seattle Seahawks4 Andy Heck t, Notre Dame
16 New England Patriots Hart Lee Dykes wr, Oklahoma State
17 Phoenix Cardinals5 Joe Wolf g, Boston College
18 New York Giants Brian Williams g, Minnesota
19 New Orleans Saints Wayne Martin de, Arkansas
20 Denver Broncos6 Steve Atwater db, Arkansas
21 Los Angeles Rams Bill Hawkins de, Miami
22 Indianapolis Colts7 Andre Rison wr, Michigan State
23 Houston Oilers David Williams t, Florida
24 Pittsburgh Steelers8 Tom Ricketts t, Pittsburgh
25 Miami Dolphins9 Louis Oliver db, Florida
26 Los Angeles Rams10 Cleveland Gary rb, Miami
27 Atlanta Falcons11 Shawn Collins wr, Northern Arizona
28 San Francisco 49ers Keith DeLong lb, Tennessee
  • 1 - Pick acquired from the Los Angeles Raiders
    2 - Pick acquired from the Washington Redskins
    3 - Pick acquired from the Denver Broncos
    4 - Pick acquired from the Indianapolis Colts
    5 - Pick acquired from the Seattle Seahawks
    6 - Pick acquired from the Cleveland Browns
    7 - Pick acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles
    8 - Pick acquired from the Minnesota Vikings
    9 - Pick acquired from the Chicago Bears
    10 - Pick acquired from the Buffalo Bills
    11 - Pick acquired from the Cincinnati Bengals