Gino Marchetti Stays Active in Late 80's

Gino Marchetti Stays Active in Late 80's

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Gold Jacket and former Baltimore Colts defensive end Gino Marchetti trained and watched his diet year-round while he was playing professional football to make sure his body was in peak condition and could play at the highest level. After 14 seasons in the NFL, he retired to focus on business. Marchetti wasn’t exercising and eating healthy like he used to when he played the Game. He gained weight and eventually had a heart attack.

"I tried to eat and drink everything in the city of Baltimore," he said. "I really bloated up. It was fun after all those years of going to training camp and having to watch my diet."

This was a wake up call for the fourth-oldest living Hall of Famer.

Marchetti began to exercise and eat healthier and now weighs nearly what he did when he played professional football. He may not be able to train like he used to, but the almost 90-year-old finds anyway he can to workout, including bowling.

"I feel good and can still do a lot of things," Marchetti said. "It's just that football isn't one of them."

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