Joe Gibbs Celebrates Daytona 500 Win

Joe Gibbs Celebrates Daytona 500 Win

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By: Jason Rentner (@Jay25R)

Gold Jacket Joe Gibbs is no stranger to winning. During his 16 seasons as an NFL head coach, Gibbs won three Super Bowls. Gibbs has continued his winning ways post-football in NASCAR as the owner of Joe Gibbs Racing.

His team kicked off the NASCAR season in style by winning the Daytona 500 race. His driver, Denny Hamlin, pulled ahead in the last lap and edged out Martin Truex Jr. by 0.010 seconds – a photo finish. It was Gibbs’ first win at the Dayton 500 in 23 years and second overall.



"The thrill in football, you can't get any more excited than that, winning a Super Bowl. It's the same thrill over here," Gibbs said. "Most people never get to have a dream in life. I've had two from an occupational standpoint. I'm probably one of the most blessed guys in the world."

Gibbs and members of his team celebrated the big win by eating at a local Steak 'n Shake. And of course, they brought the Harley J. Earl Trophy, which is presented to each winner of the Dayton 500, with them.



The Joe Gibbs Racing team has been on a roll lately. Kyle Bush helped the team win its first Sprint Cup title in a decade back in November. In All, Gibbs has helped capture a total of four Sprint Cup championship since he founded the team in 1991.

Pro Football Hall of Fame President David Baker congratulated Joe Gibbs on his big win.


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