John Madden on Raiders' Marshawn Lynch, Lynch top selling jersey

John Madden on Raiders' Marshawn Lynch, Lynch top selling jersey

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Last Thursday afternoon 2006 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee John Madden, former Super Bowl-winning coach for the Raiders and a former color commentator, briefly spoke about the state of the game today and how Lynch can help the Raiders. Hopefully Madden’s comment about teams throwing on the goal line doesn’t spark flashbacks to Super Bowl XLIX between the Seahawks and Patriots, as Seattle chose to throw instead of handing Lynch the football.

“One of the worst things in pro football now is short-yardage and goal line offenses,” Madden said according to the Raiders website. “Teams can’t get first downs by running, and they get down to the goal line and they’re down there at the 1-yard line throwing the ball. What’s that all about?”

“I think if Marshawn Lynch can take them out of that,” Madden continued. “If he can get first downs on third down, and if he can get touchdowns on (the) goal line that would be a great deal for the Raiders.”

One of the biggest moves in the NFL this offseason was the Oakland Raiders acquiring running back Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch has the potential to add another dimension to an offense that was quite productive in 2016, ranking sixth in the NFL in total offense.

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